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Jul 18

3 Signs Your Business Will Be Wildly Successful

By Jennifer Hall | Client Conversion , Productivity , Uncategorized

Have you been waiting for a sign that your business is going to be super off the charts successful and that you're going to dominate your niche?Yes? Well good news! I have three signs right here that if you nail, you'll know that the powerful potential is right there ready to be brought to fruition with some effort and nurture.

My story...

One of the biggest reasons I struggled in business is because I persisted with the wrong ideas. I was, as they say, 'flogging a dead horse' - any alternatives to that horrific phrase is welcome - ideas on a postcard.

It doesn't matter how dedicated you are to your cause, how passionate, how determined, how amazing you are, if you don't have the right idea, you're focusing too much on putting your foot on the clutch instead of putting it into gear and pushing the accelerator.

The clutch, whilst important to make the car work, can't be the only focus. The accelerator is what builds the most speed and momentum.  BUT the most important part of the process is actually choosing the right gear to make traction before you can build the speed.

Your business is exactly the same. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the mechanics of your own expertise that we forget what actually drives progress.

In order to ride the wave of success by hitting that gas pedal, we have to choose carefully what gear will give us the most traction to start building that momentum.
Choosing the right gear is the part that takes the most brain power and this is where business strategy comes in. 

Sign 1. The Right Gear

In the business world, choosing the right gear means choosing to solve a genuine problem. A problem is only a problem if it's stopping a wanted outcome OR is causing so much pain that it become unbearable to continue that way.

So many business owners are a 'nice to have' instead of making themselves indispensable. Instead of delivering what you want to deliver, deliver what's needed to a genuine person

Sign 2. Cold to Hot

When you have the ability to convert someone completely off your own merit (i.e. not through word of mouth),from an entirely cold prospect to a converted client, who then continues to achieve incredible results, you know all you have to do is find more people like them who have the problem you solve and repeat the process. MAGIC!

After years of incredible amounts of money being investing in the business without much luck, the owner of FedEx got incredibly excited when ONE person WANTED their product - because he knew if one person wanted it without a ton of convincing, there would be more like them.

Sign 3. Aligned

Passion alone is no basis for a business, but it is the fuel in the car. 

So if you are passionate about solving the problem and helping people reach their specific success island, and you know you are the best person to help them do it, then your tank is full and you're ready to go the long distance!

off we go then?..

Are you celebrating right now, or are you ready to knuckle down on working out what problem it is you solve, or how to convert cold prospects?

Let me know in the comments below.

What Makes You Unique
Jul 10

What Makes You a Unique Offering and Why Would Someone Pick You Over Everyone Else? (How to Find Your USP)

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Client Attraction

lets begin with a Truth-bomb...

You may be surprised to hear me say this, but it’s not your micro-niche that makes you unique or that provides your USP. Your micro-niche is a deep level understanding of your ideal client and it makes up a large portion of why people want to buy from you. Because once you crack that, your messaging will be spot on meaning you resonate with their problem and their true desires. You understand what motivates them, and within that lies a huge a conversion power.

So, what is it that actually makes you unique?

Well there are a few things that make up the unique cocktail of what’s on offer and whilst your micro-niche is a large part of this, there are a few more things that go in the mix
1. Your Personality...  

There really isn’t anyone else who is quite like you. You are utterly unique in the cocktail of elements that make you… well - you! So get some clarity on what makes you – you. Write down all the amazing qualities and attributes you possess and write down ways in which you use those to help your clients.

2. Your Message And Story...

Sorry to break it to you, but you’ll likely be on the exact same ‘passionate mission’ as everyone else in your niche. But whilst purpose and mission is extremely important to the success of your happiness and business it’s not the mission that’s unique, it’s in the story behind the mission that is. Essentially, it’s in the way you tell it! Your journey is unique to you and the way you tell it will provide the context and resonance to the right people who you are meant to help and will attract, inspire and heal your ideal prospects.

3. Your Solution...

The way you solve someones’ problem will and should be unique to you. Just like your story is ‘yours’, your way of doing things is also yours. Create a unique method/roadmap/strategy that is all your own. Because it is in the way you help people and how you get them there that truly builds the uncopiable assets in your business. You may even do things differently because of a common complaint/demand that those in your market have that they are annoyed about and/or aren’t getting met. This will go a long way to contributing to your USP.

4. Your Values...

Understanding your truth, what you stand for and against, is a crucial part of your uniqueness. Integrity towards those values are an incredibly attractive feature and will be at the core of your branding. Write down your truths and values and more importantly write down how you uphold these and action them within your business.

5. And Of Course, There’s The Micro-Niche...

Who you help, what problem you help them solve and what outcome do you help them achieve in order to reach their success island. Clarity on these 4 elements are crucial to standing out from everyone else but also to position you as a trusted expert/specialist. This is the glass to your cocktail, it holds everything together and provides as a vehicle to deliver incredible results to those you serve.

Get Stepping Towards the expert your clients truly desire...

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