I’m not going to lie, this isn’t for the faint-hearted! I’m the Coach for the already confident, tightly coiled spring that’s ready to burst!

I know you’re raring to go with no party to attend!

I know you’re ready and willing to do what it takes!

I know you’re ready to make a BIG impact on the online world and serve your clients powerfully!

I know right now you’d do just about anything to live your purpose BUT, you can’t! Why?

You’ll be pleased to know that I know exactly what’s stopping you!

And that is, clarity on who you serve specifically, what it is specifically that you’re solving for them, AND what it is that’s so special about you that will gain you clients over the other millions of coaches out there all vying for business! AKA your niche and ideal client.

First things first! The only person I’m competing against is ME! Once you find your ‘thing’, your fire, your mission, there is no one more suited to the job than YOU! When you work from this aligned place, there isn’t anywhere else to be, other than to be in your lane.

Yep, that means no more comparisonitis, no longer feeling unworthy, no longer feeling like a fraud and no more chasing clients!

When you work with me, we break down the walls that are blocking your clarity and we get you lazer sharp focused on your specialism and we position you as the EXPERT you are (even if you don’t feel like it now). You’ll be attracting the right clients to you with ease and converting them to a ‘yes’ even before they get on the phone with you!

Sound awesome? Well, I can tell you, it totally is!

Time to start swimming with the BIG FISH! It’s time to push outside that comfort zone and start putting your big girl pants on and start taking your business seriously! I mean really seriously!

My mission is to help action taking, driven female coaches to start working in alignment with their purpose and zone of genius and to build a business that is hugely profitable! I make no lie of it, I’m here to make a lot of money doing what I love (and I do). And I equally want to help like-minded women like yourself do exactly the same!

Creating financial, time and location freedom, doing what you love! To me that has success and happiness written all over it!

Everything you’ve ever wanted is only one step outside your comfort zone! Take that step and watch as the magic happens!

I take women like you, on a journey. A journey that’s fast, exciting, thrilling that get’s you the results you want. To give you the clarity and the guidance on ‘the how’ to become the coach you are so hungry to be!

I’m Jen Hall, a Business Clarity Coach for female entrepreneurs who coach or mentor. I help you find clarity on your passion, niche and ideal client, in order to market your business effectively, feel ‘on fire’ and in pure alignment with your purpose, and to start building a tribe of perfect prospects that convert into paying clients.

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My Story

I was stuck ‘wanting’, but not ‘doing’ for over 10 years! I always knew I wanted to coach, in the early years, that showed up as wanting to be a counsellor, but I held back because I felt like I couldn’t make the impact I wanted purely through listening. When I discovered the world of coaching I was excited and I immediately bought a book on coaching, which injected a HUGE FEAR into me…

‘I can’t help people! Why would they pay me? I don’t know enough! I’m just not at that caliber. Why would anyone listen to me? I’ll be laughed at by my family and friends! Who do I think I am, thinking I could coach? I’ll probably fail… and besides I have know idea how to make it a reality asides from stopping everything to retrain AND even then who will take me seriously? I’m too young, I haven’t got any qualifications, I don’t know what I could even help with, I don’t have enough life experience to coach!’

Not enough life experience! I laugh at this looking back! The limiting beliefs stick out like a sore thumb, but back then they were sneaky buggers that held me back from seeing the truth. The truth that I was born to serve the world. It wasn’t about me and whether I could do it, it was about the people I was meant to serve and become their amazing true selves!

It’s funny how we have this amazing ability to believe in others unconditionally even if they can’t see it themselves BUT when it comes to believing in ourselves we can barely muster up a kind word to motivate us along.

I started an event planning business at 19 in an attempt to satisfy my craving for a fulfilled life that was more than just the 9-5 grind, however, it soon fizzled out as I had no idea what I was doing and the limiting beliefs hung around my neck like weights that dragged heavy on the ground.

I succumbed to the 9-5 and got stuck into the daily grind, after years of job hopping in over 20 different positions all the while knowing I was made for more but too scared to face it through fear of failure, I decided to take my first leap of faith and start my second business. In coaching? Nope! I was still too scared! The limiting beliefs were still there as strong as ever, so I decided to start a business that had the least risk possible. I became a Holistic Therapist running my own holistic therapy business.

Don’t get me wrong, I was passionate about natural healing and it was fun retraining and learning how to run a REAL business properly and making a success, BUT it wasn’t in line with my life’s purpose whatsoever. Because of this, I gradually lost steam, lost the passion, and even though I was actively promoting my business, I would recoil anytime anyone booked in for a treatment. I was repelling my own clients! I joined the Women’s Business Club to get some support and loved it so much that I soon became a major part of the club and hosted the networking events on a regular basis and started to mentor. It was here the spark for coaching reignited and I couldn’t ignore my calling any longer. With the support of the inspiring women at the club I found my confidence to make ‘the big decision’. The decision to go for it regardless of what was ahead, regardless of the obstacles and regardless of the fear.

After making the decision, I made a start soon after. I put it out there that I was a coach, but soon realised I wasn’t coaching with passion or direction. I was attracting clients I didn’t want to work with, and coaching in areas I had no passion for. I was being led along blindly by whoever fell into my lap. I became stuck. I hit a wall and I put a stop to taking on clients I didn’t want to work with BUT who did I want to work with?

I was stuck like this for 6 months until I rectified an error I made back when I was 19. I got expert help instead of giving up. I hired a coach, because hey, who’s going to invest in me if ‘I’ won’t invest in me. I believe in coaching and so I put that belief into action. It CHANGED MY WORLD! I went from stuck, struggling and confused, to clear, confident and running a successful coaching business.

Finally, I was FREE! Free from the pain of being unaligned and playing it small, free from the negative beliefs, free from living a life under the glass ceiling of limitation.

I stepped into my power, believed in myself for the first time and I’m now changing the lives of women all over the world!

You’re here because you’re ready to answer your calling.

You’re here because for some time now you have been ignoring that calling and doing a grand job of distracting yourself from having to face your life’s purpose.

You’re here because it’s time to align yourself with what you were born to do but have been too scared and too unclear on ‘how, who and what’!

What do I stand for?

  • Unlocking infinite potential.
  • Realising dreams.
  • Following passion & excitement.
  • Living your purpose & your mission.
  • Financial, Time & Location Freedom.

Who am I?

I’m an expert in cultivating crystal clarity on passion, niche and ideal clients. I banish fear, crush limiting beliefs and cut right through the crap! My life’s purpose is to help women live to their full potential, free themselves from the confines they have created within their minds to live a life of fulfillment and financial freedom.

The two most powerful attributes that I possess are my ability to inspire and motivate and this runs through everything I do. My main goal for my clients is to push them outside their comfort zone to remove the veil that hangs over their eyes to see the amazing possibilities that lay ahead.

I have a 4-year-old daughter who is absolutely gorgeous and is my world! She lives with me and my amazing partner Andy, whose Power Goal I’m proud to say,  is to summit Everest!. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world in Wales, UK. I love traveling and my work allows me to work from anywhere, so I am extremely grateful for this freedom! My time is mostly spent with my family, friends, clients, enjoying life – surfing or eating amazing food! I am a constant learner, continually striving to be better than the day before – reading, watching and attending transformational events.

Why I do what I do…

Firstly what do I do? My vision is to see every woman realising their infinite potential, living their life’s purpose and following their passions. My mission is to help women, whose purpose is to coach, actually fulfill this purpose and become who they’ve always wanted to be, through coaching, inspirational talks, webinars, seminars and books.

I believe in the impossible, I’ve seen the so-called ‘impossible’ become possible. I spent many years living in fear without realising, blindly hiding behind jobs and businesses that didn’t fulfill me all because I was too scared I couldn’t do it, and that being a coach wasn’t possible for me, let alone a successful coach that made it to financial freedom! The moment I believed in the possibility, was the moment everything changed.

My turning point…

The day I hired a coach was the day my life changed for the better! I hired coach specifically for finding clarity on becoming a coach. I found the clarity, which felt amazing but it also helped me build my confidence, see that I was already credible and qualified through my experiences, helped me clarify my niche, discover my ideal client, opened my mind to even more possibilities including financial freedom that I never before that moment even considered an option! She got me from miserable, to ‘on top of the world’ in a matter of months and the rest, as they say, is history.

What did I have to do to become the fearless coach, mindset master I am today? I had to believe it’s possible, I had to step up and move out my comfort zone, I had to face up to my deepest desires, I had to get up close and personal with my ugliness, I had to face my fears and most importantly I had to ask for help!
You can’t do it all on your own. This was my biggest learning curve of all. The years I spent not investing in myself were more costly than the investment I’ve made to date. When you believe in yourself there is no risk. How do you believe in yourself?… How badly do you want to live your purpose?… Bad? Then that’s all that’s required… that burning desire will carry you through, along with the support of individuals who have been there and done it.

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