When you work with me you get…

♥ Crystal Clarity to make life EASY and FREE FLOWING. I have the ability to help you see past distraction, see past the crap that blocks your view and drill down to your core passion, desire and mission!

♥ Phenomenal progress, FAST and furious! I’m an insane motivator and like to move quickly toward goals.

♥ Kick ass confidence as we celebrate together your amazingness that you have very rudely been ignoring! I have the ability to shine a light on your treasure and blast the bull shit that’s been dimming your light!

♥ A step by step process to get you to where you want to be – ON FIRE! I know how, because I’m there, and I’ve been where you are. I have a map and everything  😉



Nominated Business Woman of the year 2016! 

Who is this for and what will you learn?

  • This programme is for you if you’ve decided to coach but you feel confused by what you can coach people ‘in’ and who you want to help. Are you confused on how to optimise this online world and what the best strategies are for success? Well, this is definitely for you!
  • You’ll gain a clear strategy to build your tribe online, grow your business and remove the glass ceiling on your financial potential.
  • On this programme you find the clarity you need to discover your life’s purpose, your ‘passionate why’, what you are helping with and who exactly you are helping. I get you from confused and vague, to laser sharp and focused. Total alignment to skyrocket your business.

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Discover Your Life Purpose

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  • I help you discover what makes you so ‘special’, what you stand for, your values to build a unique brand that stands out from the crowd and positions you as an expert in your field.
  • I teach you the strategies to position yourself as the expert online and beyond, to start building your tribe of raving fans.
  • Reveal your gifts that have remained hidden until now and create coaching packages that you love and your clients love so you feel totally confident to deliver them and feel the confidence of getting your clients the results they want!
  • Learn how to launch your services with success and how to sell, unapologetically, successfully with pure integrity.
  • This programme builds the solid foundations for your coaching business, enabling you to charge your worth, get incredible results for your clients and gets you feeling ON FIRE and totally aligned with your mission!
  • In my world this is called, clarity on your ‘niche’ and ‘ideal client’. THE two most important elements to any business!
  • Cultivate an Expansive Mindset for kick ass confidence. Be the deliberate creator of your life and move with purpose towards business success. Remove the 4 walls you’ve created for yourself to reach beyond what you thought was possible!
  • Plus with the incredible bonuses delivered by the experts you will also learn coaching NLP techniques, how to work smart not hard, and how to get yourself ‘out there’ in the online world.


Wealth Dynamics Profiling

Upon enrolling you will receive your *Wealth Dynamics Profile (identified through a unique test) that will enable you to discover your natural flow and natural way of working to create the most efficient and productive pathway to financial freedom. This profile will enable me to work with you in a way that is individual to you and works with your most natural talents. (The test alone is worth $100 and that’s without my incredible package outlined below that will now become tailored to your way of working).

Access to a Social Media Expert

Sofia Pacifico is an expert in Visibility and creating an online presence. With our expertise their won’t be a corner left for you to hide and not an ideal client who won’t know about you! You’ll have her support for a strategy session plus access to her via her group where she supplies tons of value and would be happy to answer any queries.

Value $500

Productivity Mini Course

You’ll receive a 4 part mini course from the amazing Procrastination-Busting Expert, Becky Strafford on how to gain maximum productivity! Value $250

This right here is for you my lovely!

Today I am proud to say I have built a solid successful coaching business that continues to grow and I wake up every morning knowing I’m changing someones life! I have found complete alignment with my life’s purpose and ‘passionate why’, Plus, in the last year I’ve doubled my monthly income via multiple income streams! Life is GOOD!

But this wasn’t always the case!

Through my own struggles, pain and triumph I created the AWAKEN THE COACH programme, which I am super excited to share with you!

It tackles all those issues of not knowing, wishing someone would wave a magic wand and just tell you what the hell it is you’re supposed to be doing and who you’re meant to help. Of course, that isn’t what actually happens, there is no magic wand or magic pill. No one but you can decide, BUT through a tried and tested process, it certainly feels magical when the wave of crystal clarity washes over you! It’s the feeling of relief, peace, excitement and like everything in the world now makes sense. Your path into your future is laid out clearly in front of you and your purpose is clear! ALIGNMENT!
That’s how this program works for you!

This program takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to become the amazing coach you’ve always wanted to be and illuminates how and why you’re uniquely qualified to help your ideal client.

The other side of being stuck is beautiful! It’s hard work, a roller-coaster at times but absolutely worth it!

Being the Coach you’ve always wanted to be, is fulfilling, exciting and passion fueled!

Isn’t it about time you honoured yourself and the world by becoming the person you know deep down you can be?

Haven’t you had enough of the glass ceiling of limitation you’re living under?

Aren’t you tired of playing it small?

My promise to you!
I’ll get you from stuck – to clear and aligned with solid foundations for your coaching business in just 3 months! The world deserves to see you shine!



  • Clarity, Confidence & Solid Business Foundations
  • 12 Weekly one to one coaching calls to really focus on your struggle points and get you pushing past your blocks and soaring to success. VALUE $3000
  • Workbooks to support the coaching calls and bring you further clarity and learning! VALUE $1000
  • Exclusive access to my secret facebook group, to ask any questions or for any support needed throughout the programme. VALUE $500
  • Get the mindset, get clarity on the ‘how’ and take the action to achieve your goals!


  • Access to Maggie Albrecht’s NLP Foundational Coaching Skills Course. VALUE $1000
  • Strategy session from the Social Media Guru, Sofia Pacifico from Increase your Social Reach on how to build a successful coaching business online. VALUE $500
  • Receive your Wealth Dynamics Profile in order to discover your unique natural strengths and map to success. VALUE $100
  • Plus bonus material from the amazing Procrastination Busting Expert, Becky Strafford on how to gain maximum productivity! VALUE $250
  • Accelerate the process that took me years to learn and allow me to share with you the Key To Success!

TOTAL VALUE $6350 – Your ACTUAL Investment $3997 

OR 3 Lump sums of $1400 (I am happy to discuss other payment plan options, book a call with me to chat)

You can opt for either of the 2 options listed above and purchase online, by paying via the payment button at the bottom of this page. Credit cards are accepted.

Who is this programme NOT for?

This programme is NOT for anyone who is:-

  • Not ready for change.
  • Not ready for progress.
  • Lazy and not willing to put the effort into making progress.
  • Fancies just ‘trying’ coaching out for size and not particularly serious.

This programme IS for women who:-

  • Are ready to make progress like yesterday!
  • Wants to build a successful coaching business through finding clarity on who she helps and what she helps with, and be qualified by her own experience to help her clients until she sees fit to gain further education on her area of expertise from which she has discovered through this programme.
  • Wants the backing of their own peer support group who are going through the same journey.
  • Are ready to put in the time and effort investment into building their business and doing the work!
  • Are driven, hungry and motivated women!
  • Want to live their life’s purpose and start answering the calling to coach!
  • Are driven to help others and are serious about coaching!

‘I can’t afford it!’

Yes I know it’s scary, yes I know it’s a leap of faith, but ask yourself this… if this program only supplied you with the clarity on your niche, would it be worth it? If this program ONLY gave you the confidence to become the money making coach you know you can be, would it be worth it? If this program ONLY gave you the road map on the ‘know how’ of becoming a successful coach, would it be worth it?

The fact is, this program gives you all of that and a tonne more! It’s worth it’s weight in gold. What is it costing you staying as you are? If you’re not working with passion or your life’s purpose then you are never going to have the money making potential you need to pull yourself out of the ‘I can’t afford it’ stage. This is not about cost, it’s about an investment, an investment into yourself. Wealth is not how much money you have, it’s what you have left after all the money is gone and having that security to know ‘I know how to make more money’. That is true wealth. The real question is, can you afford not to invest in yourself?

‘What if the program doesn’t deliver what it says?’

You’ve seen the proof! It’s in the pudding! I have clients right now in this same program (without the added extra frills that this next round has, I might add) making phenomenal progress and putting together packages they love, in total alignment with their niche and ideal client. Ask them, you can find them in my facebook group! They honestly won’t mind. Everyone who I take into my circle are lovely, committed, driven women! The program does deliver. The only thing you need to worry about is yourself. And by that I mean, making sure you’re committed to the program, do the homework, get involved, push yourself outside of your comfort zone and do the work. If you are ready for that, then hell yeah this program will deliver!

‘I’m not sure I’m ready’

When will you be? If you’re waiting for the perfect time, then you’ll always be waiting. And what are you waiting for exactly? More money, more time? This program gives you the skill to make money. Time? Well what do you want to spend it on? People spend money and time on what they value the most. What do you value? You’ve been ready your whole life. Coaching is a calling and if you’ve been feeling its pull, then you know it’s your life’s purpose crying out to be lived! The world is waiting for you to step outside your comfort zone, discover your brilliance and make a difference.

Make the decision to create the life you want in a business that is a true reflection of you!

Still have questions or just want to chat to see if you’re right for the program? Book a free no obligation call below. I’m super honest, i’ll tell you whether I think you’re right for the program or not. I work from a place of integrity. I won’t work with women who I have to convince. I want women who know what they want, who are ready for change and ready to take a giant leap forward in becoming the coach they’ve always wanted to be. I’m a firm believer in trusting your gut!

Book your FREE Clarity Call today to discuss where you’re at, where you want to be and to see if this program is right for you!

Are you ready to go? Then I’m ready for you…

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* I cannot help with legalities, finance or the creation of any physical graphic design work or similar. No refunds available unless I decide you’re not right for the program.
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