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May 22

Why you’re Struggling to Generate Quality Leads from Networking

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized


***One of the BIGGEST reasons you struggle to generate quality leads from networking is because you’re not KNOWN for something***


Now I don’t necessarily mean Tony Robbins known, in fact, I’m not even talking about Chris Ducker known… I mean – known (for something) in the circles that you hang out in.


And those circles don’t need to be crawling with tens of thousands of people, it just has to be in spaces where your ideal clients hang out.


‘Notice I said ‘known for something’ not just known. Famous does not equal $. Being well known for being worth knowing is where the $$$$ are at.’


If you’re able to clearly communicate what you do AND you’re 100% certain that you’re communicating a genuine want and a solution to a genuine problem that your ideal clients want and suffer from, and you become known in your circles where your ideal client hangs out, there is no reason why you can’t turn those prospects into leads and convert them with ease.


So if you’ve been struggling to generate leads from networking, ask yourself what’s my problem?


1. Am I taking the actions I need to take to become known in my circles? Consistency, visibility, clear links back to what you do?


2. Do I have complete clarity on what my ideal client truly desires and the problem that they suffer from? Put another way, do you know what they are willing to pay anything for?


3. Am I hanging out where my ideal clients are at?


Or is it perhaps a mix of all those things? Many people struggle with doing the first point because of the lack of clarity on their ideal client… oh and guess what, if you don’t know where they are hanging out you don’t have true clarity on who they are.


Gain clarity on your ideal client by downloading my 5 Steps to a Money Making Niche workbook here


May 19

Why I Switched Business Insurance Providers

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

This may sound like a potentially dry subject but bear with me there is relevance!

When I originally went with my previous insurance provider they asked me what I did for a living so that they could provide me with the best insurance – ACE top points to them, they’re making sure what they’re selling to me is RIGHT for me

But this is where goes a bit wrong

They continue to look at the products they have in front of them and realise that nothing quite fits my business coaching/consultancy / speaking hybrid business and so they say this –  ‘the closest thing we have is a business consultancy package, would that be ok?’

Now being that these were supposedly high-level insurance providers, I stupidly made the assumption that this was my only option and that ‘it will have to do’, but if I’m honest I’ve been a little nervous the whole time having this half-baked insurance policy that ‘sort of’ fits my business.

It DOES NOT just ‘Have to Do‘…

When my renewal came around I decided that I was going to do a bit more research, and someone recommended the one I’m now with.

When I rang them, the lovely chap introduced himself as Steven the Insurance Expert and he was here to find the perfect insurance product for my business.

He was indeed an expert and explained complicated insurance jargon in an easy to understand way and reassured me that the cover would fit my hybrid business perfectly!

The insurance policy was actually more expensive, not by much, but offered a ton more value, was GDPR compliant (not something that truly excites me but I needed none the less) and I knew would cover and protect me for all eventualities giving me total peace of mind and that little niggle of worry, has magically disappeared.


When you get expert help, explained in a way that you understand, that perfectly fits the person it was meant for and you are reassured that what you are getting fits your wants and needs, not only do you feel like you have gotten an incredible service you are also happy to pay more.

Becoming the expert/specialist and micro-niching is KEY to earning a high-end income and keeping your clients happy.

May 03

Why Just Deciding to Charge High End Prices Does’t Work!

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

You may have seen a video doing the rounds over the last few years to explain positioning, where someone takes a pen & places it in a pot with 15 others exactly like it with 99p attached to it (positioning a low-end offering) then taking that same pen & placing it into a smart looking box & placing it into a glass display case (positioning a high-end offering).

Whilst I specialize in helping business owners to position themselves as the BEST option in the market & that, in turn, enables them to charge more for their services, that doesn’t just come from a decision to raise their prices.

The problem with the pen example is that we are taking the SAME pen & charging more for it. And for most of us who work with integrity, this just doesn’t feel good!

BUT what we’re failing to realise is, is that we’re viewing ourselves as a crappy pen when we’re not! We ARE a high-end offering but we’re choosing to place ourselves in the 99p pot. In order to successfully charge higher prices, we have to OWN our value & that comes from SEEING our own value.

But How?

A great way to shift your mindset on this is to look at the evidence of what you bring to the table. But our value can’t help EVERYONE which means that it is not actually valued at all by the wrong people. Which is why focusing your attention on the right people who would take the most value from your offering is the ONLY way you’ll be able to truly see the value of what you have to offer.

Pet services to someone without a pet is useless! But a Dog Behaviourist who specialises in destructive habits to a dog owner who has a dog who is chewing up the furniture would be truly valuable and results in you not only being able to see and own your value but enables you to communicate it in a way that enables the right person to see how you can help them and feel happy to pay your chosen price point.

The Answer

If you need help with specialising and owning your value then join my Desirability Factor Weekend where you’ll niche, specialise, understand who you help, perfect your pitch and translate your rebrand into hard-hitting content so you can become the most desirable option in the marketplace, on the 12th & 13th May – check out the details here…

May 02

Why Some Speaking Gigs Make You Money and Others Don’t

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

I was speaking to a friend this weekend who is a fab speaker and was telling me about a recent speaking gig. At this event, she was due to speak after someone who specialized in helping businesses understand their company purpose and values and pulling it through the entirety of the business to create a strong brand with integrity.

She said she was blown away by the talk and was scribbling frantically, making notes and even intertwined the learning from the talk into her own and referred to examples from the previous speaker.

Upon finishing the talks a few people came up to her and said that whilst they took value from both talks, they preferred hers.


The feedback was given that she gave them examples of how they could implement what they were learning in their own situation because she tailored her talk towards the context of the people she was talking to. She shifted the focus onto giving specific examples of the context in which the learning could be applied.

She was only able to do this because she knew her specialism and she knew the situation that many of the audience members were in and so was able to give clear examples.


Knowing WHO you are speaking to and tailoring your message towards them is key to demonstrating the value, transformation and impact your services give could give your prospect. And Value and Transformation are the two key areas you have to demonstrate if you’re looking to attract and convert with ease to make money, whether that’s from your talks or your content.


I believe that making money from your business shouldn’t have to be a struggle! That’s why I created The Desirability Factor Weekend Intensive! If you’re ready to communicate your value and transformation with ease and become desirable in the market and attract and convert with ease, then join us for the D Factor Weekend where you’ll niche, specialize, understand who you help, perfect your pitch and translate your re-brand into hard-hitting content so you can become the most desirable option in the marketplace, on the 12th & 13th May – check out the details here…

May 01

At What Point Can You Say you’re an Expert?

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

Expert Status is subjective; who defines when you become an expert????


  • Instead of worrying about whether you’re an expert or not, focus instead on being a specialist.


  • Being a specialist means you specialize in getting a specific result and overcoming a specific problem. As long as you’re confident that you can get them the result then that is ALL that matters.


  • When you’re a specialist, your marketing can become targeted, streamlined and way more effective. And whether you think you are or not, other people will automatically perceive you as the expert anyway.


  • People buy results, and if they know that you’re a specialist in helping them specifically achieve the result that they want, they are going to pick you over a generalist every time!


Apr 24

The 7 Deadly Sins of a Bad Coach

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

I wrote this article for the purposes of exposing what’s entirely wrong with the coaching industry.

Not to moan, but to raise awareness and raise the bar on best practices when it comes to running a coaching business. We all have different ways of working but ultimately from a client perspective we need to give them THE BEST experience possible if we want our business to thrive and the coaching industry to improve its’ reputation.

This article is a stand against those who operate and sell off hype.

Let’s get known for the RIGHT things… our expertise and our excellent reputation!

The things below are the exact reasons people are refusing to use the word coach to describe themselves. I suggest that instead of refusing to use the word coach, we own it and raise the standards.

  1. Ghosting

You know the ones… they’re happy to speak to you as long as you keep on paying them. The moment the money stops, so does that cherished relationship. Now I’m all for ending the service, but genuine relationships and manners not so much. Do they not realise the lifetime value of a happy client? Clearly NOT! Happy clients buy time and time again!

  1. Over Promising

‘Oh yes you can have that too!’ ‘This programme will definitely cover that and more’** Terms and Conditions apply.

You have to decide on your boundaries and if you choose to bend them you have to see it through. Don’t offer the ‘extras’ unless you’re willing to follow through on what you agreed to do. Simple as!

Oh and while we’re here… anyone been told one thing on the phone and signed a contract saying something entirely different which has then been used to back up why they haven’t followed through? Yes, we should all take responsibility for what we sign, but deliberately telling someone something different on the phone, that’s sneaky! Not only sneaky but wholly unethical and branches into number 3…

  1. Mis-Selling

They know it’s not the right product for you, but their goal isn’t your results, it’s their bank balance and they want you in to hit their target. It’s sad but true that this and number 2 happens all too often.  Putting money before client results will lead to a bad reputation and sore pockets for the victims. Jessica Lorimer Sales and Leadership Coach takes a BIG stand against this and practices non-icky ethical sales best practices. Her words – ‘If you don’t step up and sell, someone much worse at what you do will instead’ Which leads us nicely to number 4!

  1. All Talk No Value

The way the industry has taken a bad turn is in the low entry point into coaching, meaning many Coaches are teaching Coaches how to sell a lifestyle – Bali, LA, the beach, nice house, financial and time freedom… but the Coaches they are teaching have no real expertise behind them, they just know or have learned ‘how to talk a good game’. Or indeed the Coach teaching them how to sell doesn’t have any real, ethical sales skills either.

They too have learned to dangle the secret to success, which in their case is a cheese ball cliché on how you only have to believe it and it will happen… but you’ll only find that out about this so-called magic pill ONCE you pay! A word of advice, don’t take their word for it, there is no ‘one thing’, they should show you their value before you decide to pay.  The realisation that this was actually happening put me into a genuine temporary depression. The day of realisation was the day I stopped comparing myself and owned my expertise proudly.

Surely we should be known for our expertise, instead of how much money we have.

  1. Copy Cat’ing

This is harder to spot but if you catch wind of someone stealing and copying someone else’s content whether that be marketing material or actual programme material, NEVER touch these people with a barge pole. It’s the lowest of the low! Yes, we all have to learn somewhere, but there’s a big difference between learning and assimilating information once you’ve implemented and gained success yourself, but blatant copy and paste!!?? Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

  1. Flaking

You’ve taken the plunge, invested a heck of a lot of money and you’re ready for transformation…

‘I’m so sorry but can we take a rain check on today, I’m having a bad day’

Now I’m no angel, I have had to rearrange a couple of times but it’s because of circumstances outside of my control and on rare occasions. We’re human and we run our businesses to be flexible. At the end of the day though, we’re running a business and the world doesn’t stop just because you don’t feel like it today. A level of commitment is required, and serial cancellations is not a commitment to the client’s success.

  1. Fluffyness

Now this one is where it gets slightly controversial. I’m talking about the Coaches that offer to help with anything for anyone. Now that’s a lovely sentiment but I personally don’t think it’s ethical. You cannot be a master of all things. If you don’t communicate what outcome you deliver, then how can you ethically sell your services. I also don’t believe that these people are experts in their field and with the level of incredible expertise there are out there, I’d be hard pushed to trust anyone who says they can help me with all things! Particularly with my own experiences. What do you think?

The answer?

Set clear boundaries and expectations for you and the client and commit to them. People like to know where they are and what they can expect; not only in terms of knowing the expected results but what’s required on their part and what they can expect from you. Treat others how you’d like to be treated… be fair, transparent, honest and committed. Their success should be important to both you and them. And if the client is not 100% committed to their own success, avoid THEM at all costs.

Do you believe there is an 8, 9 & 10?

Comment below and let me know what you think they should be and they may make the final blog piece giving you a little mention!

Share your opinions and experiences below…

****And if you’re someone who owns incredible expertise and are currently trying to niche down to avoid the fluff and become a truly desired reputable go-to Coach, then click here to register for the 5 Steps to Use Your Unique Power to Convert Clients with Ease this Thursday at 8pm BST/UK Time…

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Apr 16

What Your Ideal Client ‘Really’ Wants

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

***So, tell me what you want, what you really, really want!***
And I bet it isn’t more money!!
(and I bet you couldn’t resist reading that without singing it in your head! )
There have been times in my life when I would have paid anything to get a result and solve a problem and guess what? It wasn’t on the promise of more money. Here they are…
  • In the last few days of holiday to Spain I put my back out picking up a top from the floor! I can honestly say it’s been one of the most debilitating injuries I’ve ever endured from doing something as simple as picking up a light object, and I have been in a lot of pain. I didn’t end up paying out that much for the massage, osteopath and chiropractic treatment I received to get it sorted but I was damn well willing to pay whatever it took to get rid of the pain.
  • Over the last few years I paid a world class Sales Coach over 5 figures. You might argue that I paid for more money but that just wasn’t the reason I invested. That was the justifying factor for me to make the decision to invest, but what I really wanted was to prove to myself that I could be a super successful business owner who was able to pull in large sums of money with ease. The money was the bi-product not the reason I invested.
  • When my daughter was born she was seriously unwell and no one could tell me why. If I had been able to find someone who could have told me what was wrong with her and they charged me 50k, I would have paid it!
The return on investment that people WANT isn’t money. In some circumstances, it’s the justifying factor or the bi-product but it isn’t the core desire that makes people WANT to work with you and use your services.

So what is the core desire?…
People pay because they don’t want to be in ‘pain’ anymore or because it helps them become a certain type of person.
My clients pay me large sums of money not because I promise them money in return, but because I promise to give them clarity on what makes them the most desirable option in the market which of course will result in a monetary return and allow them to run a successful business, but that’s not why they buy. They buy because they want to be seen as an unrivaled expert and THE go-to person in their field.
What does your prospect, REALLY want?
If this is something you’re struggling with, why not book in a Clarity Call with me (I only have a few spots left this week and next week so book in quick) and find out once and for all what’s standing between you and becoming wanted in the marketplace? Book it here


Apr 15

If ‘yes’ isn’t coming easily from your Ideal Client, then here’s why…

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

 ***If‘ ‘YES’ isn’t coming easily from your Ideal Client, then here’s why…***

One of the biggest reasons we struggle to get a ‘yes’ from our ideal clients is that we think about them from our perspective instead of theirs.

When I ask people who their ideal client is, the common answers are as follows…

  • ‘I want to work with people who want to make a difference in the world
  • I want to work with people who are driven and want more.
  • I want to work with people who have the money to invest into their personal development and value it.
  • They want more confidence and they always beat themselves up Etc,

Those things are ideals, but they’re too selfish to convert those prospects into a ‘YES’.

Of course, your ideal client will want to work with you! Of course, they will go out of their way to make it happen. And of course, they will pay your value, but only because you’re solving a painful problem to achieve their truly desired outcome. This is the part that a lot of people miss off in the quest to find the perfect client.

The Answer…

Converting those ideal clients into a ‘yes’ comes from offering them the golden carrot that they want so badly they’d pay anything to get.

If you don’t look at it from this perspective you’ll always be on the convince train, convincing people of your value and begging them to work with you.

***Before you start thinking about the kind of client you want to work with, switch around and ask WHY would someone want to work with you? What is your golden carrot?***

Apr 13

Are you a ‘nice to have’ or a ‘MUST have’?

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

***Are you a ‘nice to have’ or a ‘MUST have’?***
*‘Nice to haves’…
👉chase clients
👉get interest from prospects but then get silence upon follow up
👉have prospects that use money as the first and final objection for not using your services.
*‘MUST haves’…
👉have prospects following them
👉easily book into discovery calls and say yes without persuasion
👉charge high prices and receive them without question
*How do you become a must have?*
In the words of Seth Godin – ‘Find out what people will pay anything for and then go sell it to them’
Easy enough right? 😉
I get it, of course, it isn’t otherwise business would be a breeze!
But ‘must haves’ have something that ‘nice to haves’ don’t, and that is the D Factor. D standing for ‘desirability’.
💣Truthbomb:- The D Factor, unfortunately, isn’t determined by you, it’s determined by your ideal client, which is why it’s imperative to have full clarity on WHO you are helping. Once you know what they want, all you have to do is sell it and deliver the results.
The D Factor is determined by how badly your prospect wants the result you are offering.
💫For your result to be desirable…
1. You must be confident in ‘promising’ the result/solving their problem.
2. Your result must be solid enough for your prospect to understand it’s importance and feel happy that they are ‘getting’ what they want.
3. The result has to be specific to the prospect.
4. The prospect must want this result/the problem solved urgently because the impact of not having it or leaving it any longer is too great.
💫Knowledge is power when it comes to marketing your services and the knowledge you MUST HAVE is in who you are marketing to.
If you are looking to nail your D Factor then The D Factor Weekend Intensive is for you and you’ll be pleased to hear that if you can’t make it in person you can now attend virtually. Check out the details here to find out more about how you can become the most desired option in the market…
Mar 29

How to Progress in your Business when You are Feeling Stuck

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

‘Just start… OK but HOW?’

This advice is given out by many coaches but for some this advice is pointless. Many people have been waiting to ‘just start’, to put that pen to paper, to organise that event, to write that book, to start that group, to create that lead magnet BUT for many it’s impossible.

They’ve tried and tried, invested in many different coaches and they start to think it’s just them. That they are uncoachable, that they don’t have the right ideas, and they don’t have what it takes.

Do you really have what it takes?

They would be right, they don’t have what it takes because what it takes in the first instance is clarity on your value proposition (a solid product that people truly want).

Without clarity on your wanted offering, ‘starting’ isn’t even an option.
Create an event and invite who?
Write content, but about what?
Generate leads, but which ones and how?

The Answer

In order to find out your value proposition, you have to figure out WHO you’re marketing and what they want that they’d pay anything to get. Simples right? Except it’s not. It’s not as straightforward as that, otherwise, you’d have it already, right?

In order to figure this out, you have to have a strong micro-niche and I’m here to save the day with my 5 Simple Steps to Creating Money Making Micro-Niche just click here to download

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