The fog and confusion around your niche and ideal client is crippling to any progress, and leaves you feeling stagnant and ready to be distracted by anything that’s within your comfort zone. But we both know it’s only a dull shade of who you could be, if you were only able to find the clarity on your purpose, niche and ideal client to become the amazing coach you were born to be.

Are you READY to let that wave of crystal clarity wash over you?

YES!!!? Great news because this self study Clarity Cultivator will create space and ask you the powerful questions to muster up the clarity you’ve long been waiting for in order to make progress in your business.

You cannot create anything until you find clarity on your niche and ideal client… they are crucial to your success! Unless you know what you’re helping with and who you’re helping, you are creating for everyone and no one! No lead magenet, no opt-in, no effective marketing, no progress – NADA! 

If you’re anything like me, this lack of clarity will have you stumped at first base with no where to go. 

This self study program includes:-

  • A  clarity meditation audio to prepare your mind for the clarity to arrive.
  • 3 Workbooks to work through, asking the powerful questions to encourage the answers you so desperately want.
  • 2 more audio’s recorded directly from my Awaken the Coach program to bring you the understanding around the subject of niche and your ideal client, and will prepare you for completing the last 2 workbooks.
  • You will receive the whole program so you can work through at a pace that suits you.
  • Access to my secret facebook group created specifically for this program to get access to ‘ME’ and to ask any questions that you have.

Who is this program for?

  • This program is designed for new coaches or for women who plan to coach.
  • This program is right for you if you are ready to do the work, commit to completing the program and can hold yourself accountable or find an accountability buddy to ensure the work is completed.
  • You must be self motivated, have made the firm decision to coach and are a decisive individuals and are practiced in knowing when something ‘feels’ right for them.
  • This program is not for women who struggle on a regular basis with clarity on all subjects in every area of her life and/or are indecisive.
  • It is not for women who struggle to stay accountable for their action taking.
  • It is not for lazy or half arsed people!

$240 / £197 (approx depending on exchange rate)


No refunds under any circumstance. You have life time access to this program.*

Once purchased, the first part of the program will be emailed to you immediately and you’ll gain access to the second part via google drive within 24 hours.

Concerned you might need more 121 support?

Purchase this self-study program and if at the end you still need help to fine tune your niche and IC, you have the opportunity to contact me and I will take off the investment into this program off full cost of any of my clarity programs.

*This program does not guarantee full clarity. Clarity is determined by the individual and can happen at different time scales from one person to the next. This program is designed to ask you the questions to come to the clarity by your own admission.