• Do you feel like building a facebook group is like inviting your new cool friend you want to impress to a party for 1 down your deadbeat social club?


  • Have you started to speak to your small tribe but found it’s like talking to a wall that you know has the ability to communicate but you just can’t seem to provoke a reaction?


  • Does the thought of even attempting to sell your stuff to the handful of people in your group make you want to run for the hills?

Building a group is a rollercoaster of emotions and I have spoken to dozens of coaches who were all at the brink of giving up on their group.

But what if I told you I converted 99% of my prospects from inside my group. That I too struggled in the beginning to get engagement and to find non icky ways of growing it! I had to become a LEADER a Coach On FIRE!

Your group no matter how small is so important to your success on facebook. If facebooks where you’re at, then make yourself at home because I’m about to show you how to build an engaging tribe of the RIGHT people and we’re going to be busting through those blocks that are holding you back from making it happen!


I’m going to show you how to set yourself on fire with a passion that makes you the unstoppable coach!


•Learn how to build an engaging facebook group that converts perfect prospects into paying clients! And learn how your group plays a major role in your overall sales strategy!
•Get clear on what ‘On Fire’ looks like for you and create an action plan to become the Coach you long to be!
•Uncover the blocks and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from showing up as the leader you want to be!
•Learn how to rewire your brain and unpick the hardwiring to overcome them!
•Produce affirmations and new positive belief systems that actually work!
•Create a daily ritual that works for ‘you’ (i.e. that means NOT waking at 4am if you don’t want to! wahooo! It’s about creating a long term ritual that you can stick to)

10am BST (UK Time) 12th April 2017 Approx 2-2.5 hours

Investment-  $197

Considering I make 5 figure months from my Facebook Group, this knowledge if implemented correctly will pay back HUGELY!

Still on the fence? Check out the testimonials below for the last one!

‘the best money I have ever spent’

‘If your Facebook Group isn’t engaging with you or each other then you need to talk to Jen Hall about her “Build Your Facebook Group” workshop. I took some simple actions after her training and this morning I wake to a thread of conversation between 4 new members all sharing their stories about my area of expertise! It’s like a different group all because I decided to step up and lead and make some simple but very effective changes to how I manage my group!

No refunds under any circumstance. You have lifetime access to this workshop and you’ll get access to the replay if you can’t make it live.*