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  • Sick of feeling like a ‘fluffy’ coach floating in the background?
  • Do you want to become the coach who knows her stuff and isn’t afraid to strut it like a pro?
  • Are you ready to be known as the EXPERT and smash the online world with your secret genius and hidden gold?

Get ready to transform from ‘fluff’, to the coach with white hot, kick ass grit who knows her stuff!


Convert perfect prospects to a ‘YES!’ before they get on the phone with you!

6 Week Group Program

+ 2 Amazing Bonuses!

(Powerful Messaging Workshop & How to run a Kick-Ass Facebook Group Workshop)



Let me show you the art of Expertology

– Passion Personified.

Discover your hidden gold and leverage yourself as the kick-ass coach you are!


I know what it’s like to be that coach without the grit, and constantly comparing yourself to everyone else out there who just seems to have all their shit together, and content just flies out of their mouth or their keyboards are on fire from battering the keys!

But here’s the thing, I was under the illusion that they had something I didn’t. They were quite clearly an expert, a coach ‘on fire’ and I thought that kind of presence was just unattainable. But in the words of Kate Winslet ‘look at me now!’. I unlocked my potential, discovered my gold and aligned with it, to become the expert I am today! And so have the many that graduates of Expertology!

In this program you will…

  • Learn how to leverage yourself as an expert and authority to attract and convert your perfect clients!
  • Discover your hidden zone of genius and super power to align perfectly with your purpose through fine tuning your niche and ideal client.
  • Find the kick ass confidence to rock your show and draw the attention of your ideal client. Oh yes! That means conquering the fears of Facebook Live and nailing it like a pro and I’ll show you how!
  • Discover and align with your expertise to be able to create content without effort that knocks your IC off their feet!
  • Clearly define and feel 100% confident in the incredible transformation you get for every single one of your clients.
  • Create an authority statement that grips centre stage and catches the attention of your IC!
  • Find a new level of clarity on your niche that brings alignment, confidence and expertise you never knew you had.
  • No more being everywhere and nowhere as the diluted version of you! I’ll share my simple FB Posting Strategy to show up as the full strength, pure, awesome version of you!
  • Find the confidence to submit articles to be published as the expert in your field!

Expertology = Passion Personified

Become the expert in your passion to attract perfect prospects and convert them into paying clients!

PLUS 2 Bonus Workshops 

  • Powerful Messaging! 

Learn to create powerful content and polarise without fear to ensure you stand out from the crowd and position yourself as the strong leader in your field!


  • Create a Kick-Ass Facebook Group

Learn the secrets to creating and growing an engaged FB group that you can monetize! PLUS 30 day follow up with a Q&A session to help you stay accountable and make progress!


Who is this program for?

This program is for the coach, mentor or consultant who wants to up their game in the online world and become an authority and expert. Even if you don’t quite know what that looks like yet, we’ll get you clearer. All that is required is that you have some understanding of your niche or the direction you want to head.

This is NOT for Coaches who have literally JUST decided they want to coach. This program works best for those that have made a start and have taken some action online already. Confused as to whether this is right for you or not? Just email me at

Your Investment


• Basic (all the prerecorded video training and worksheets NB NO LIVE CONTENT) – $497 Full price

• Group program (all the above PLUS weekly LIVE Q&A PLUS 2 amazing bonuses including a Powerful Messaging Workshop & Create a Kickass FB Group Workshop Only 3 spaces available  – $997

• VIP Group program (all the above PLUS VOXER (voicemail/walkie talkie access throughout) Only 2 spaces available! – $1297


Please contact me if you wish to hold your space with a deposit of $100.

Purchase in one lump sum or using instalment plans that are located underneath the testimonials at the bottom of this page.

More Info

Approx Start Date for next Round 24th August – Pre Homework will be given in advance!

Calls are usually held at 11am BST every Thursday – Replays are available and questions can be submitted in advance if you can’t make it live!


What previous Clients have to say!

Expertology is yet another amazing programme from Jen Hall Coach Extraordinaire!

After having a complete break from coaching due to not being clear and stuck with my expertise and blocks in my mindset, Jen has taken me from novice to expert coach, eliminating fears and blocks that I didn’t know existed and were holding me back!

I feel like a whole new aligned person ready to take on the world of coaching, with clients already lined up and a position of a key-note speaker in a one woman empowerment show.

I am so grateful for Jen’s ability to show me the way forward on so many levels. Through being completely aligned with my life, I am now able to have confidence in my personal life as well as in my business.

Thank you Jen x

Kris Davies

”Expertology is such a great programme! Honestly, I really wish I would have amended my niche and ideal client earlier. Jen was able to very quickly see where I was not hundred percent in alignment. It was a lot more detailed that I imagined but realised quickly that it’s absolutely needed to get it right the first time. It’s been emotional! exciting! and fun! I met some incredible women in the group too! Jen really does go above and beyond to make sure your crystal clear on your ideal client and niche, even challenge you, which is the best way to move forward! In my eyes, Jen is the Master at this! If you are thinking about joining Expertology definitely DO IT! It’s crucial for your business that you get it right first time!” Samantha Collison

”Jen Hall was an absolute much needed f**king kick-up the backside for me!

I’d been feeling so unsure about everything. My ideal client was always there bubbling away under the surface but I just couldn’t see her properly. I knew I needed someone to help me to track her down & thankfully Jen was that woman.

Whilst doing this program, however I also discovered my true passion lay outside of my original business & with Jen’s caring but no-nonsense guidance, I’ve been making stride after stride towards my new destiny.

Yes, I say destiny because I’ve discovered through Expertology this is what I’m here to do – right now. If I continue to hold back from it, I’m not only letting myself down but also all the amazing people I need to be helping. This program helped me beyond finding my clarity & helped me find the courage to be true to myself.

THANK YOU Jen for following your destiny & getting me on Expertology!!!”

Emily Milsom

”Following on from Jen’s post about re-opening the doors to Expertology, I wanted to post about my experience of working with Jen Hall on the last round ❤️

I can fully recommend working with Jen to get clarity on your niche and Ideal client, it was worth every penny.
I thought I had my niche sorted and was sort of there with my ideal client, but through doing Expertology I realised I was still a bit vague, and more importantly I didn’t feel confident if my ability to help them.

Through Jen’s honest, empathic but challenging approach I narrowed down how I was helping them and instantly felt more confident in owning the transformation they get. Jen can spot when you don’t feel comfortable with something and challenges you on it till you feel happy.

Working with Jen and the group really motivated me to take action, and I took action that would have scared me before I started the course.

The group programme setting was perfect as you not only get Jen rooting for your success but also the other ladies in your group – it was the support and encouragement that I needed.

If you’re sitting on the fence, jump off and sign up to work with Jen, she’s brilliant at what she does and is so lovely. I’m so glad I chose to work with her xx”

Sarah Banks

No refunds under any circumstance.*