This right here is for you my lovely!

Today I am proud to say I have built a solid successful coaching business that continues to grow and I wake up every morning knowing I’m changing someones life! I have found complete alignment with my life’s purpose and ‘passionate why’, Plus, in the last year I’ve doubled my monthly income via multiple income streams! Life is GOOD!

But this wasn’t always the case! 18 months ago I was ‘coaching’ as a side line to my Holistic Business, I was a jack of all trades, helping all and sundry with what ever they needed help with. I charged £20 an hour… YES £20 an hour! I struggled to get anyone to pay me even this small amount. I struggled to gain clarity on what I was actually helping people with and who I wanted to help and so telling anyone what I did at any tangible level was almost impossible! After splitting with my ex and having my ‘financial rug’ pulled from underneath me, I knew it was time to GET SERIOUS or head back to the 9-5. Time to stop playing about and take myself seriously so others would too!

I write this knowing the same yearning to be a successful Coach, but I also know too well the same feelings of confusion, not knowing who or what you’re really helping with, what the physical steps are to making a true ‘success’ and even more importantly that feeling of ‘why would anyone pay me to help them!?’ Feeling burnout creep upon you as you work all hours under the sun without making traction and stabbing blindly in the dark hoping the mud will stick.

I know how it feels, I’ve been there and got the t-shirt!

I know that same petrifying fear that’s snapping at your ankles! That fear of having to admit defeat and head back to a lifetime in the grind of the 9-5!

For me, it was either give in to that fear, or, make a final decision to embrace my calling and stop playing it small! Fortunately for me and my clients it was the latter!

BUT, I too struggled with finding out who I wanted to coach, what I wanted to specifically help with and the ever elusive ‘how’.

So I took my own advice and got help, I hired a coach! This changed my world, I found the clarity I was so desperately searching for, I got the confidence to transform my negative beliefs and stepped into my power to become the amazing coach I had always dreamed to be!