Are you struggling to get all of your ideas and expertise out of your head and into a concise program with modules?

Are you finding it hard to pull out the tangible results from what you ‘do’, to sell your course?

Are you confused about what to charge and how to physically deliver your program to your clients?

Well, whether it’s one or all of those, here’s your SOLUTION!

Enrol onto ‘Online Program Prodigy’ 5 week Program and…


  • Create a SELL OUT program in just 5 weeks!!
  • Get clear on your ideal client to market to them forever more!
  • Build a program from scratch (one to one, group or passive) and learn how to physically deliver this to your clients.
  • Use my clarity process to create a package that speaks directly to your ideal client’s pain points and solves their problems, so that it becomes utterly irresistible.
  • Discover the tangible benefits that your expertise offers, in order to market your program effectively.
  • Charge your worth and price your program correctly so that you’re confident enough to shout it from the roof tops.
  • Discover your credibility to deliver your program with integrity and feel confident in your abilities.
  • Learn effective launch strategies to maximise your sales!


Starts 7th Feb, audio modules released and live Q&A every following Thursday for 5 weeks.


Who is this program for?


This program is for the coach, mentor, trainer or teacher who knows who their target market is. Whether you have no list or a huge list I can guide you to the best ‘type’ of program to create for the stage you’re at!


You’ll never see this offered again at this amount…


$497 (£394*) 

*Approx depending on exchange rate



No refunds under any circumstance.*