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Book Jen Hall to Speak or Train at your next Event


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”I acted and the universe delivered! From the moment I watched Jen Hall – Business Clarity Coach speak at the Maximise Conference I wanted to work with her because her energy around clarity is contagious. So I took action, showed up for her value-packed Live Training sessions this week and invested in her coaching packages!”

Sarah Dena

“I met Jen Hall at a Women’s Business Club meeting earlier this week, where she was the guest speaker.

I was looking for support to take my business to the next level. I initially thought I would attend this event to meet contacts who may be interested in becoming clients…which partly it is…and then Jen began to speak about “Building Blocks” in business!

I’ve never felt so engaged and empowered by any speaker, and I’ve listened to lots of speakers in my previous life as a civil servant!

Jen really knows her stuff! She shared her own inspirational story, which resonated with many in the audience. Her experience and skills as a coach shone through.  She confidently delivered a powerful message about owning and valuing your business; and the importance of getting clarity on where you want your business to go.  The Ideal Client concept really made me think about me…and my approach to how I market my business.

Jen’s speech was particularly timely for me in developing my business, but actually, her message could be so relevant to all aspects of life. If we prioritise and value something enough, then we will go all the way to achieve it!

I now have clarity about targeting to the right audience for my business; and I’m not afraid to proudly share how I’ve turned my passion into a successful business, with great outcomes for my clients.

If you get a chance to book Jen as a speaker, you must, you won’t be disappointed”

Marie Brobyn

” Yesterday was amazing. Jen’s speech was so inspirational. It is so true that “Everybody is nobody”, it is so easy to get drained by trying to reach everyone. It feels s like yesterday’s meeting was the best so far 🙂 it is time for me to apply everything that Jen told us to practice.”

Nadezhda Hardiman

”I’m thankful to Jen Hall for the inspirational and expertly delivered talk she gave to the Women’s Business Club Cheltenham, business lunch yesterday. She is a whirlwind of expertise and knowledge – a force of nature! I could see from the reaction of the packed room that she had a positive influence on everyone and that we all went away with renewed confidence, vigour and ideas to identify our business opportunities and dig down to find our true clients. Big recognition to Jen today!”

Wendy Murphy

”Where do I start after yesterday’s meeting? It was WOW! I am still reeling from Jen’s talk on Building Blocks; she has made me seriously sit up and think about who my IC is and where I am going to find them. So a huge thanks to Jen for coming to see us and delivering an amazing talk! We had a truly fabulous meeting!”

Abi Howell

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