Why Some Speaking Gigs Make You Money and Others Don’t

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

May 02

I was speaking to a friend this weekend who is a fab speaker and was telling me about a recent speaking gig. At this event, she was due to speak after someone who specialized in helping businesses understand their company purpose and values and pulling it through the entirety of the business to create a strong brand with integrity.

She said she was blown away by the talk and was scribbling frantically, making notes and even intertwined the learning from the talk into her own and referred to examples from the previous speaker.

Upon finishing the talks a few people came up to her and said that whilst they took value from both talks, they preferred hers.


The feedback was given that she gave them examples of how they could implement what they were learning in their own situation because she tailored her talk towards the context of the people she was talking to. She shifted the focus onto giving specific examples of the context in which the learning could be applied.

She was only able to do this because she knew her specialism and she knew the situation that many of the audience members were in and so was able to give clear examples.


Knowing WHO you are speaking to and tailoring your message towards them is key to demonstrating the value, transformation and impact your services give could give your prospect. And Value and Transformation are the two key areas you have to demonstrate if you’re looking to attract and convert with ease to make money, whether that’s from your talks or your content.


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