”Jen turned my dwindling fire into a roaring furnace! Within 45 mins I had the clarity I needed which has allowed me to create this EPIC fan base!”

Becky Strafford

”Jen’s Expertology programme has SOLD OUT for this May 2017, but if anyone was on the fence, jump off next chance you get and start feeling the grass between your toes! The investment was worth every penny, not only for myself, but for my clients!

Jen’s Expertology programme had me delve deep and reach parts of me I locked away for years. Not only have I gained clarity on who my IC is, and my niche to help me on my coaching journey but an understanding that where I have been has all been part of the process. I am inspired and gaining the confidence to take focussed action on my mission – I have a mission!

Thank you Jen for showing up. Without your commitment and investment in yourself, and in me, I wouldn’t be on the curve, I would still be searching for it!”

Amanda Berridge

”Jen Hall is a master at clarity and client niche development. I thought I knew who I wanted to serve and the clients I wanted to attract until I worked with Jen. She challenged me to bust through my vague thinking and drill down to the exact client I want to work with. Then, she worked with me to develop the laser-sharp messaging that I needed to speak to that ideal client and share my unique value proposition. I’ve taken her Expertology course and continue to work one-on-one with Jen as needed. She is an invaluable resource to new and experienced online entrepreneurs. I will continue to invest in myself through working with Jen Hall.”

Niki Campbell

I did a month intensive with Jen, and here’s what I have to say about it… ❤️

Jen helped me SO much, I don’t even know where to start. Before working with Jen, I was so lost in my business and feeling extremely unmotivated. All that changed with Jen. In one month, I gained over 120 group members, ran a group challenge with a 40% participation rate, booked 12 discovery calls, and closed my first two high ticket ideal clients!
Hiring Jen was THE best investment I have made in my business thus far. I truly believe that my business would have failed if I kept at it on my own and didn’t get Jen’s genius insights and guidance! If you need clarity, or just want an AMAZING coach, don’t hesitate – hire Jen.”
Samantha Grant

”It is rare you come across people who are genuinely inspiring and who really do deliver on what they say they do in a way that is 120% committed to ensuring they offer the absolute best they can for the person they are working with. Jen Hall is that person.

Not only does she have an innate talent for seeing your potential and how the future of your business could develop, making you think about things in brilliant and different ways, she is also incredibly easy and enjoyable to work with.

If you need some business inspiration, motivation and clarity, about where you are going, how you can get there and what results you can deliver then I couldn’t recommend working with Jen enough. She gets the balance between supportive and challenging spot on and is worth her weight in gold. If you are thinking of hiring a truly fantastic business coach – look no further.”

Jo Darby

My name is Sarah Dena. I’m a Parent Leadership Coach and I help Mum’s whose daughter is labelled a “Bossy Little Madam” to be confident in parenting a fierce female future leader. I own this statement as a result of my transformation during the 6 week Expertology program with Jen Hall. What Jen doesn’t know about getting clarity and alignment on your niche and ideal client is, in my opinion, not worth knowing. Before I worked with Jen Hall I was a coach helping no-one with everything and making no real money in doing so. I was too attached to the tool I use and I was in complete denial about needing to be clear on and more importantly, aligned with, the transformation I was selling to my clients. My attitude was “I’m a coach, I can help anyone solve anything!”. I can’t quite believe my naivety now as I am so clear and aligned with my niche, ideal client and expertise. For the first time since I decided I wanted to earn a living as coach I believe in my ability to deliver an incredible transformation for my clients, fulfil my life’s mission and make lots of money in doing so! Thank you Jen Hall for creating a program that does what it says it’s going to do and more!

Sarah Dena

”Are you thinking of working with Jen? Keep watching her lives and feel ready to work with her more closely? Feel the urge to book one of her clarity strategy sessions for a discussion about how she can help you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, don’t even hesitate.
I made the decision to work with Jen after booking a clarity strategy session with her just over a month ago. Actually, no, that’s not quite true. I’d already decided I wanted to work with her 1:1 *before* booking the clarity call – the call was just a formality. Best decision ever. In just our first session together I nailed my niche, got clear on my ideal client, and gained more clarity on my business direction than I ever had before.
Jen’s approach is open, friendly and approachable but she’ll absolutely give you a kindly kick up the arse when required (and at times it *was* required!). Since working with her I’m so much more fired up about my future and excited to see how my business grows and evolves over the coming months and years. To top it off, Jen encouraged me to apply to be a Thrive Global contributor and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been accepted!
So if you’re thinking of working with her, do it. And Jen, I just want to say thanks again for all your help, support, guidance and advice during those sessions, I really appreciate it.

Kathryn Epworth

‘This has been an amazing journey for me and it’s not over yet! Jennifer has allowed me to realise that I can have that career that I had always imagined, along with the life I’ve always wanted, which I had given up on and just making do. The hardest part for me has been my mindset and battling my fears and limiting beliefs, that I had thought I had dealt with, but realised through working with Jennifer, that this has been the main thing holding me back, on a massive scale. There are not enough words to express how much Jennifer has given back to me on every level. She is a super super super mentor and coach that goes above and beyond and does so at every turn. I know I have been challenging with all my ‘issues’ so my heart goes out to her and I’m so grateful to her patience and to have her in my life. You are one amazing lady and looking forward to developing a great businesses together. Love you loads xxx” 

Kris Davies

”Expertology is such a great programme! Honestly, I really wish I would have amended my niche and ideal client earlier. Jen was able to very quickly see where I was not hundred percent in alignment. It was a lot more detailed that I imagined but realised quickly that it’s absolutely needed to get it right the first time. It’s been emotional! exciting! and fun! I met some incredible women in the group too! Jen really does go above and beyond to make sure your crystal clear on your ideal client and niche, even challenge you, which is the best way to move forward! In my eyes, Jen is the Master at this! If you are thinking about joining Expertology defiantly DO IT! It’s crucial for your business that you get it right first time!”

Samantha Collison

”I sought Jen’s expertise as I knew that I wanted to run my own business, but felt like none of my ideas were a true reflection of me as a person or ones that I got particularly excited about. The one-to-one coaching with Jen was fantastic! Through a series of leading and powerful questions she was able to draw answers from me that produced an enlightening & unique ‘life purpose mission statement’ and exciting new business idea. Her ability to talk about my answers without enforcing her own ideas is remarkable, I now feel like my business idea is truly in line with my personality and life purpose! The call illuminated my subconscious, reflecting on my past, my ideals and my passions; resulting in a mission statement and business that I can’t wait to start running! This coaching was priceless for me!”

Lauren Carter

”Do you have a ton of ideas about how you can help people through coaching? I did, however there were so many ideas in my head, that I didn’t know how to pick one! Then, Jennifer Hall – The Life Buddy came into my life and there is NO LOOKING BACK! I have been in her program for six weeks now and the progress I have made is astounding! She helps you get into the nitty gritty of your NICHE and then helps you get through the negative beliefs that fill our brain sometimes! Every week I am making great progress, through our group sessions, in creating my coaching business from packages to marketing to pricing and beyond! Sign up for her class now! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!”

Holli Kohls