‘This has been an amazing journey for me and it’s not over yet! Jennifer has allowed me to realise that I can have that career that I had always imagined, along with the life I’ve always wanted, which I had given up on and just making do. The hardest part for me has been my mindset and battling my fears and limiting beliefs, that I had thought I had dealt with, but realised through working with Jennifer, that this has been the main thing holding me back, on a massive scale. There are not enough words to express how much Jennifer has given back to me on every level. She is a super super super mentor and coach that goes above and beyond and does so at every turn. I know I have been challenging with all my ‘issues’ so my heart goes out to her and I’m so grateful to her patience and to have her in my life. You are one amazing lady and looking forward to developing a great businesses together. Love you loads xxx” Kris Davies – Beauty Business Coach

”Jennifer has to be one of the most calming, caring and understanding individuals that I have ever met. Her approach and knowledge to working with clients is second to none. She has the most nurturing of personalities and truly gets to the heart of your needs. Jennifer’s holistic approach to life and business is absolutely fantastic.”

Sharon Garrod

”Do you have a ton of ideas about how you can help people through coaching? I did, however there were so many ideas in my head, that I didn’t know how to pick one! Then, Jennifer Hall – The Life Buddy came into my life and there is NO LOOKING BACK! I have been in her program for six weeks now and the progress I have made is astounding! She helps you get into the nitty gritty of your NICHE and then helps you get through the negative beliefs that fill our brain sometimes! Every week I am making great progress, through our group sessions, in creating my coaching business from packages to marketing to pricing and beyond! Sign up for her class now! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!” Holli Kohls – Bariatric Living Forever

”I sought Jen’s expertise as I knew that I wanted to run my own business, but felt like none of my ideas were a true reflection of me as a person or ones that I got particularly excited about. The one-to-one coaching with Jen was fantastic! Through a series of leading and powerful questions she was able to draw answers from me that produced an enlightening & unique ‘life purpose mission statement’ and exciting new business idea. Her ability to talk about my answers without enforcing her own ideas is remarkable, I now feel like my business idea is truly in line with my personality and life purpose! The call illuminated my subconscious, reflecting on my past, my ideals and my passions; resulting in a mission statement and business that I can’t wait to start running! This coaching was priceless for me!”

Lauren Carter

90 Min Business Clinic - Discover Your Passion, Turn it into $

”When I first came across Jen I was in a well paid 9-5 job but one that I wasn’t happy in. Jen dug deep into my passions and skills as a person and It became apparent from our coaching sessions that there was another way, a way that I could start a business and accelerate my passions to create a business that made money. In truth if it wasn’t for Jen, my business would not be where it is now. She is a true inspiration and is always there to pull me out of the struggle when I hit a dead end, and seems to always come up with a key idea when needed most. Thank you so much Jen you bloody amazing woman!”

Andy Moore

”Jen Hall is an inspiration and someone who seriously knows what she’s talking about. Jen is a business woman who was not afraid to fail and in doing that she has created her successful thriving business and she knows the pit-falls too! She is the perfect coach to help a new entrepreneur navigate their way to freedom from their 9-5!”

Sanae Floyd

”Jen is an admirable and inspirational business woman, she has such a positive affect on the lives of all the people she comes into contact with. In the past year she has gone from strength to strength, tailoring her businesses to be successful, truly unique and inline with her passions. She is able to deliver insight and support to all the business women she has the pleasure of meeting, inspiring us all to step out of our comfort zones, grow and realise our potential. With an infectious attitude ‘that there is no limit to your abilities’, if we could all be even a little bit as driven, knowledgeable and gracious as Jen, then the world would be full of the strongest women imaginable.”

Lauren Carter