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Jul 24

The Radical Solution to Making A Big Impact in the Saturation

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Client Attraction

I know you...

I know who you are (I know you've probably started to read this in Liam Neesons voice) I know that you are a passionate, game-changing disruptor who is ready to make huge impact and dominate your niche.

How do I know this - because if you're reading this article you're interested in knowing how you can stand out of the saturation to start making a dent in the world.

One of my favourite quotes comes from the Dalai Lama:

'If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.'

If the greats of our history had not stepped up to take their place as a game-changer, imagine what wouldn't have been discovered or achieved. We have come so far in advancing in who we are as a race, our technology, psychology - we have evolved at a tremendous rate.

make that dent...

If you were to assume that 'little old me' couldn't possibly make a difference you'll be doing the world a true disservice.

Making a dent doesn't come from fame. Think about all the incredible advancements and knowledge that there is now; do we know WHO the people responsible for this progress are? In some cases maybe, but in a lot of cases we don't. They are only known in the circles that matter, within the circles that allowed their ideas to come to fruition.

As modern business owners we get caught up in visibility activity to the point of only showing up where we're likely to get the biggest exposure. But this will be your downfall. Every woman, man and their dog are showing up with the same tired messages, tired ideas, in the same saturated sea to the most people possible.

The problem with this method is, the most engagement you'll receive is the same response your mum most likely gives in response to your business - 'that's nice dear'.

Not EVERYONE cares about what you have to say. It's your responsibility to find the people who do care and speak directly to them. And there won't be as many as you perhaps want to care - but the people who do are the key to your success and impact.

Truthbomb - You have to go small to go big!

Just like you have to start in first gear to move the car, you have to start your impact making in the same way. Put your business into first gear and start making traction with ONE person and build momentum.

Find the individuals who care, who need your message/ideas the most and you'll soon be dominating your niche, one passionate follower at a time.

Nurture these people, help them, welcome them to the team and invite them in for tea. Because it's not you who will make the impact, it's those around you who spread the word who will act as the vehicle to your massive impact.

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What Makes You Unique
Jul 10

What Makes You a Unique Offering and Why Would Someone Pick You Over Everyone Else? (How to Find Your USP)

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Client Attraction

lets begin with a Truth-bomb...

You may be surprised to hear me say this, but it’s not your micro-niche that makes you unique or that provides your USP. Your micro-niche is a deep level understanding of your ideal client and it makes up a large portion of why people want to buy from you. Because once you crack that, your messaging will be spot on meaning you resonate with their problem and their true desires. You understand what motivates them, and within that lies a huge a conversion power.

So, what is it that actually makes you unique?

Well there are a few things that make up the unique cocktail of what’s on offer and whilst your micro-niche is a large part of this, there are a few more things that go in the mix
1. Your Personality...  

There really isn’t anyone else who is quite like you. You are utterly unique in the cocktail of elements that make you… well - you! So get some clarity on what makes you – you. Write down all the amazing qualities and attributes you possess and write down ways in which you use those to help your clients.

2. Your Message And Story...

Sorry to break it to you, but you’ll likely be on the exact same ‘passionate mission’ as everyone else in your niche. But whilst purpose and mission is extremely important to the success of your happiness and business it’s not the mission that’s unique, it’s in the story behind the mission that is. Essentially, it’s in the way you tell it! Your journey is unique to you and the way you tell it will provide the context and resonance to the right people who you are meant to help and will attract, inspire and heal your ideal prospects.

3. Your Solution...

The way you solve someones’ problem will and should be unique to you. Just like your story is ‘yours’, your way of doing things is also yours. Create a unique method/roadmap/strategy that is all your own. Because it is in the way you help people and how you get them there that truly builds the uncopiable assets in your business. You may even do things differently because of a common complaint/demand that those in your market have that they are annoyed about and/or aren’t getting met. This will go a long way to contributing to your USP.

4. Your Values...

Understanding your truth, what you stand for and against, is a crucial part of your uniqueness. Integrity towards those values are an incredibly attractive feature and will be at the core of your branding. Write down your truths and values and more importantly write down how you uphold these and action them within your business.

5. And Of Course, There’s The Micro-Niche...

Who you help, what problem you help them solve and what outcome do you help them achieve in order to reach their success island. Clarity on these 4 elements are crucial to standing out from everyone else but also to position you as a trusted expert/specialist. This is the glass to your cocktail, it holds everything together and provides as a vehicle to deliver incredible results to those you serve.

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Nail Your Message
Jun 23

Nail Your Core Message with these Messaging Hacks

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Client Attraction

Nail Your Core Message & Story to attract your ideal clients

Three Short Cut Questions

The quickest and easiest way to get to your why, core message & story is to answer these questions (I have another task below to help jog your brain into action should you struggle to answer them so don't worry):-

1. What is the transformation you want to see in the world and why?

Try and be super specific, if you write down 'to see everyone achieve their dreams' that's way too generic... let's replace the word everyone with who you're really talking to and describe what the 'dream' actually is, because that is different
for everyone! When you write down why, think back to stories that have led
you to wanting others to experience the transformation. 

2. If you were asked to stand up in front of 50,000 people and share one
message with them what would you say?

Bearing in mind you are able to choose the type of people in the audience, who would they be, how would they be moved by your message (what action would it inspire them to take) and why is it so important to you to share it?

3. It's all about intention, so think about (in the context of your purpose and business purpose) what do you want people to know, think, feel and do?

Align Your Story

One of the biggest issues with uncovering the 'right' brand story is the fact that it can sometimes seem so far removed from our business and unaligned. And the reason this issue is caused is because we can start with the story first instead of focusing on what we're passionate about now. You end up trying to pick from a pool of stories that we think matter, but actually whilst they have contributed to who we are, they aren't directly related to our mission as it stands now. The best to find your brand story that's aligned with your mission, is to start with your mission first.

What are you most inspired to help people with NOW. Focus on the present and what you want to do in the future and then trace back the story/stories that bought you to this inspiration and mission that you want to take forward.

That way you'll be pulling out what matters to the future of your ideal clients and your business.

Helen Packham, Public Speaking & Thought Leadership Coach, says your story is a vehicle to providing the elixir that helps those that need it most. And I totally agree! Your story and message is like the beacon that attracts and helps your tribe.

I see it as kind-alike inception. At some point in your journey there were ideas and beliefs that were planted in your head from the experiences you've been through. It's about finding clarity in the now and then working your way back to find your story.

Below you'll be diving deeper into your stories but you may want to read all the way through once so that you can gain more clarity on your inspired mission and perhaps a bit about your message and then repeat with the second goal of uncovering your stories.

Dive in Deeper to Your Core Message to uncover your story

The gold is sometimes in the small stuff so don't disregard ANY story! Also remember that nothing has meaning except the meaning you give it, so your stories are incomparable to anyone else's.

They are what they are and they meant what they meant at the time. Write without judgement and accept them for the moments in time that they were and the significance they had on you regardless of anyone else's perception of them. This is not a time to criticise or compete with who has the biggest story... the GOLD is usually in the SMALL and seemingly NORMAL stuff!

This can be quite an emotional task to undertake so make sure you're
somewhere quiet, perhaps with tissues, and even perhaps make sure you have
someone you can talk to afterwards.

▢ Get two pieces of blank paper and you are going write down 2 - 3 stories on
each from your past that made the biggest impact in your life to date, these
are usually some of the most memorable and can have arisen at any age. 

▢ On one sheet write down the stories that have left a positive impact and are
fond memories to loom back on. For each story, write down the lesson you
took away from those moments.

▢ On the other sheet write down the stories that perhaps might be a bit difficult
to think about because they perhaps had a more negative impact, HOWEVER
it's important to note that these events have still made a huge impact on you
and they form part of who you are today. The most important thing to do now
is determine the positive lesson from each of those stories. We can learn
from those moments we don't have to be defined by them. So make sure you
write down the POSITIVE lessons learned from those situations.

▢ Make sure that you're being as specific as possible about those
memories/stories and write down how they made you feel, the details and
what specifically about those moments impacted you the most.

▢ Once you have your stories, it's time to pull out the common lessons learned
from those moments. If you're struggling to find a common thread, ask a
trusted friend/colleague... it's important that they don't know you too well
because I wouldn't want them to skew the perspective of your stories too

▢ Once you have your common positive lesson that you'd want to share with the
world, ask yourself how you'd like others to specifically take action on this
lesson/message? What would you like to see them achieve in their lifetime
using this message? This is your core message.

▢ Your core message must be something that you feel truly passionate about
and connected with. It must have context to make sense to the people who
you are talking to and to make the biggest impact. It is something that you
should truly be excited for someone to take action on.

When defining it, have this in mind... what do you want people (a particular type of person not just everyone) to do with your message? What action do you want them to take?

▢ It might help to revisit the shortcut questions at this stage!

Now lets create your why/mission statement...

Your mission statement will sound something like this...
''To.... so that...''

Mine is: To (insert action) empower ambitious entrepreneurs with the
means to CREATE their success so that (insert outcome) they can
make epic impact , epic income, and leave a true entrepreneurial

Try and make your statement as specific as possible and try not use words that
are too vague. It's fine to start vague. but drill it down. You might have to write
this down a few times before you get it right.

Revisit the story part again after you've got your mission statement if you're still feeling unclear.

Making Your story Stick

Getting clarity on your core message and your story is one thing, but getting it to stick in the minds of others as an idea that they remember, understand and assimilate is another.

Your story is a great way to communicate your 'idea' / core message and compels action in others when you do the following the things...

  • Get your listener/reader to pay attention by opening with something unexpected.
  • Bring context and specificity/detail to the story to raise it's credibility and add an element of solidness to for the audiences minds to latch on to.
  • Amplify the credibility of your story by using a case study where perhaps someone or you experienced the negative effects of not heeding the core message you're trying to get across and describe the consequences. Or perhaps a case study where by heeding the core message actually yielded beyond belief results.
  • People will only remember and act upon your story/idea/core message if it's simple, based around one strong idea and just as important -  that they care. People care about a story that brings them on an emotional journey with you.

If you'd like to discuss how you can build your tribe full of the right people through finding clarity on your coaching niche, mission, story and who you serve so you can monetise your unique skills, then just book a call with Jen Hall here

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Goal Setting to Achieve
Jun 23

Goal Setting Masterclass – Dreamers to Achievers

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Business Mindset , Productivity

Goal setting gold - Don't just set goals, achieve them!

In this comprehensive masterclass I go through the exact goal setting steps you need to take to actually achieve the goals you set!

If you'd like to discuss how you can turn your purpose into profit through finding clarity on your coaching niche and on who you serve so you can monetise your unique skills then just book a call with Jen Hall here

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Find your zone of genius
Jun 20

Finding Your Zone of Genius for Business Success

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Business Mindset

Why you don't actually need to find your zone of genius...

I believe that your zone of genius isn't something ​you need to find, you have been naturally choosing to work in your zone of genius for most of your life.

Your zone of genius is a matter of choice.

I love helping and training people to achieve a result... this has been something I have chosen to do in every role I've ever been in.

I've naturally been drawn to philosophising over our reason for being on this planet and our life's purpose and how we can turn that purpose into profit. I geeked out on it of my own free will!

Your zone of genius is a choice and it's a choice we've been making unconsciously or consciously because it's something we enjoy doing.

If you've ever been in a job or a business that started feel really hard, heavy and no matter what you did or how much money you earned from it, the heaviness didn't go away?

That's when you know you weren't working in your zone of genius. The zone of genius is a place of free flowing amazingness, not struggle and hard slog. It's what you could do all day every day and never feel that heaviness.

When you follow your joy, bliss and passion you can't go wrong...

When you work from your zone of genius in accordance with your 'why', success is assured!

Finding it just means following your joy and what lights you up both from your history and what you see in your future.

Apply your zone of genius to your why and a physical specific representation of that why and you have a great potential business!

Even if you don't feel like you're an expert in it YET, the passion that you hold for it will ensure and spark the action that you need to take to become one in no time.

What's your zone of genius?

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Uplevel to a Leader
Jun 20

How to Uplevel and Become a Leader

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Business Mindset , Positioning

Uplevel to Leadership

'Be YOU!' - As much as I want to love this advice, unfortunately when the 'you' that you are right now isn't the 'you' you want to be, we know it's time for an uplevel.

If the 'you' right now is

  • too afraid to step up
  • too afraid to step out
  • too afraid to impact
  • too afraid to upset others with your opinions
  • too afraid to step into your greatness
  • too afraid to step into your truth unapologetically...

Then it's time to take the 'you' you are right now and uplevel to leadership.

Be the 'You' that you're striving to become!
Find out who you want to be! 

Powerful Questions to Uplevel to Leadership

  • What do you need to believe about yourself and the world to be the 'you' you want to be?
  • What BS do you tell yourself that no longer tolerate?
  • What boundaries are you going to entrust in your power?

Then step into it... it's a choice, choose to be who you WANT to be.

Release what no longer serves you and embrace your courage and strengths.

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How to only work with ideal clients
Jun 20

How to Only Work with Your Ideal Client

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Business Mindset , Client Attraction

Only work with ideal clients by using boundaries...

Did you know that there's a HUGE difference between the ideal client that we write down on paper to the ideal clients we paint in our minds? And indeed the ideal clients we encounter in the real world...

Why is this?

When we start to map out who our ideal client is, we're playing in hypothetical mode. We tend to be brave and courageous when it comes to mind mapping who they are and they're these awesome human beings who kick ass and shit rainbows - well not quite the latter part but they are 'dream' clients who you're so excited to work with.

BUT when we return to our minds we add a new dimension to them based upon previous clients, the less than average prospects who tell you you're too expensive, and the fears and assumptions that we make for ourselves.

  • 'My ideal client can't afford me!'
  •  'My ideal client won't pay that!'
  • ' My ideal client doesn't need 'ME'!'
  • 'This ideal client is way out of my league.'

Then we start to veer off track from the person we want to work with, to the person who's an easier target.

We slip into working with people who are less than ideal, who aren't in the place we want them to be at but are 'easy' (so you think) to help. And you start to bend the rules on pricing and all those 'so called' non negotiable qualities you said they had to have.

First of all, remember that the ideal client on paper was a promise to yourself and your business and if you're not willing to respect that, who else is going to respect you and your business?

When you work with clients you don't want to work with, it disrespects them as much as it disrespects you!

If you've been struggling to attract high-end Ideal Clients...

If you've been struggling to gain momentum with high-end clients, check your mindset.

When we brainstorm our ideal client on paper, we work in a hypothetical manner and we suspend disbelief. But when it comes to walking the talk we start creating a different kind of ideal client in our minds.

The kind that's on the back foot, that doesn't see our value and worth, and we start to imagine them being out of our league.

That poison is enough to repel them before you've even started a discussion. More than that, these are false assumptions created by the gremlins in your head!

Stop making assumptions

Stop making assumptions that people won't pay your prices or that your amazing ideal clients aren't around at the moment. 

The right people are waiting for you to step up and own your worth AND your boundaries.

And remember, if you were a respectable coachee that needed help at the level you now 'WANT' to coach your clients in... there are others out there too who equally wants a coach that's exclusively for the right person.

Respect your boundaries and the promise you made to yourself and keep doing the mindset work on 'who' you want to work with.

Don't slip into making assumptions and attracting the WRONG kind of client... what you resist persists.

Repeat after me: I am worthy of working with amazing clients!

Top mindset tips...

Own your greatness!

  • Start a testimonial file if you haven't already to remind yourself of the many people you've helped at the level below and how you've helped them step up to a new level.
  • Remind yourself of how far you've come - you've made leaps and bounds in your journey so far, why would that stop?
  • It's uncomfortable for a reason, you're growing.
  • Instead of looking at why your ideal client is 'out of your league' start focusing on what they're going through and how you can help.
  • Don't make it about you, make it about how you can help them.

Work with Jen...

If you'd like to discuss how you can turn your purpose into profit through finding clarity on your coaching niche and on who you serve so you can monetise your unique skills then just book a call with Jen Hall here

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Discover your life purpose to gain clarity on your business purpose
Jun 20

Discover Your Life Purpose For Business Alignment

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment

Align your life purpose with your niche

I'm so glad you've decided to take this life-changing step, by being proactive in discovering your life purpose and allowing yourself to create a vision that's big enough to ignite the passion within.

Purpose is the rocket fuel to your business and conversely, when we're not feeling the passion for our business as we once did I can tell you for certain it's because you've lost your way, your reason, your 'why'. So I've put together this interactive step by step guide to uncover your purpose and re-inject your business with the much-required passion it needs!

‘’The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why''

This will be the first step in discovering and/or aligning with your niche and your ideal client.

Where there's passion and excitement in line with your mission and purpose, money and abundance are sure to follow.

It's about living to your full potential, being the greatest version of yourself and sharing your unique gifts with the world. When you work in this manner you can skyrocket to success.

As you complete these questions and exercises, park any preconceived ideas to one side. You don't want to be following someone else's purpose or create something you think you 'should' be doing rather than what's right for you. You MUST THINK BIG! You serve no one playing it small! What would you love to be doing? You must fill in
this workbook like limitation doesn't exist.

Limitation only lives in the walls we create for ourselves in our minds.

Let go of your attachments to things that no longer serve you...

Work with what you love, what you want! NOT what you think you think you should. Yes you may have spent years studying for it, yes you may have spent $$$ into it, yes you may have a lot experience/skills in that area...

BUT if you don't love it, if it isn't an obsession... you'll never make any money and you'll lose steam! It will be a hard slog!

Don't work in a niche you hate, or 'choose' an audience you don't really want to work with because you think they have more money, or that clients will be easier to get. You'll resent your business if you work in that manner.

Let go of the attachment to the fact you think you have a duty to work in a certain area because of the knowledge and expertise you currently have to date. You have the ability to learn new things. We only get one life! Let's stop doing the things that turn us off and start doing the things that light us up.

Generally, we are people of many talents and we are a treasure chest full of amazingness to choose from and we can usually transfer a lot of our skills and experience to other areas.

Think big! Do what makes you come alive! This process should be FUN and free flowing.

Become obsessed with what you love and build a business you're
excited about! Then clients and money will flow in abundance.

Let's get started...

There are many ways to discover your life's purpose but this is the way I found easiest for me and my clients.

Read the questions and write down your answers in as much detail as possible. If anything doesn't 'feel' right, just revise the answers until it's something that feels good to you.

When it comes to your life's purpose statement you should feel content and happy with it. When you find your life purpose & niche, you will feel aligned, excited, an abundance of ideas will usually flood in!

Create your life purpose statement

▢Write down 5 unique traits/personal qualities.
Tip: If you're stuck, google positive personality traits and see what makes most sense yo you.

▢ Pick the 2 that resonate with you the most.

▢ Write down one or two ways you enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with other people.
For example: My qualities are MOTIVATIONAL & COURAGEOUS. I would state that I love empowering and motivating women to own their worth and courageously lead by example ​by taking bold steps to own my own awesomeness.

▢ What's your version of an ideal world? How would everyone be interacting with each other? What would this perfect world feel like?
For example: Mine is everyone would be doing what they loved, making money and helping each other by sharing their unique gifts with one another.

Put it all together to create your life purpose statement...

Mine is: ''My life's purpose is to empower and motivate women to live their purpose and own their worth by courageously leading by example, and empowering them to achieve their own dreams, and enabling them to share their unique gifts with the world!'' 

As you can see there is some creative licence here to make it something that truly resonates and means something to you. You will find after putting it together it might not make complete sense to you, so feel free to amend as you see fit to something that makes you feel happy.

Check out some more examples...

​Examples taken from The Success Principles by Jack Canfield 

To inspire and empower people to achieve their destiny – Robert Allan Author of One Minute Millionaire 
To uplift humanities consciousness through business. – D C Cordova Cofounder of the Accelerated Business School 
To humbly serve the Lord by being a loving, playful, powerful, and passionate example of the absolute joy that is available to us the moment we rejoice in God’s gifts and sincerely love and serve all of his creations. – Tony Robbins

More purpose jogging questions

Now you've created your statement you will have the basics there but I'd like you to answer the following questions as well.

This may or may not (there are no hard and fast rules) provide you with additional insights that you can tweak the statement so that you feel truly happy with it.

▢ What did you want to 'BE' / 'DO' when you were growing up?

Look at the reasons behind why; what was it specifically about these vocations that made you want them?

So for instance, I wanted to be an Actress because I liked influencing people with a moral message and working with an audience. I also wanted to be an Art Teacher, so that I could enable others to express themselves in non-conformative ways and be proud of their achievements whilst expressing my own creativity. Today, I influence people by motivating them to live limitlessly with passion in non-conformative ways.

▢ What makes you feel alive?

​▢ What could you talk about for hours, where the words just fly out your mouth?

▢ What brings you absolute joy?

▢ What's your Personal Power?

What skills, experience & knowledge do you bring to the table? Think about your experiences: Jobs / Careers / Industries, courses attended / qualifications, life experience, surprising skills that perhaps might feel unrelated, other careers you’ve wanted...


So knowing all this information, knowing your mission, your purpose and your personal power AND what excites you...

Forgetting for the moment the attachment to knowledge, experience, time/money invested etc, what you might think you 'should' do...

If you could create any role (that may not even exist at the moment)
what would it be?

This process may have done of two things:

  1. Confirmed and strengthened your passionate why behind what you are currently doing and you will likely feel more motivated than ever to get out there fulfil your purpose.
  2. You may have come to the realisation that what you were doing just isn't in alignment with your life purpose and / or your passions. If this is the case, don't be disheartened, be grateful for the wake-up call. It is NEVER too late to act upon your life purpose and walk your true path. Yes it's scary, yes it means letting go of hard work, money and time invested BUT, would you rather continue to live a life unfulfilled or make the changes to make the most of your ONE life that you have been privileged to lead?

Whatever your life's purpose has inspired, it best be BIG, it must excite you, it must be a burning desire and it MUST SCARE THE SH*T OUT OF YOU!

No one ever made progress or made a difference in their comfort zone.


''Risk does not apply to those who believe in themselves.''

Work with Jen...

If you'd like to discuss how you can turn your purpose into profit through finding clarity on your coaching niche and on who you serve so you can monetise your unique skills then just book a call with Jen Hall here

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May 19

Why I Switched Business Insurance Providers

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Business Mindset

Switching Business Insurance Providers...

This May Sound Like A Potentially Dry Subject But Bare With Me...

When I originally went with my previous Business Insurance providers they asked me what I did for a living so that they could provide me with the best insurance. ACE, top points to them. They were making sure that what they were selling was RIGHT for me.

But This Is Where It All Goes A Bit Wrong...

They continued to look at the products they had in front of them and realised that nothing quite fitted my business.My business being a coaching/consultancy / speaking hybrid business. so they said this, 'the closest thing we have is a business consultancy package, would that be ok?'

Now being that these were supposedly high-level insurance providers, I stupidly made the assumption that this was my only option. I presumed that 'it will have to do'. If I'm honest I was a little nervous the whole time having this half-baked insurance policy that 'sort of' fitted my business.

TRUTHBOMBIt Doesn't 'Just Have To Do'...

When my renewal came around I decided that I was going to do a bit more research. Then someone recommended the one I'm now with.

When I rang them, the lovely chap introduced himself as Steven the Insurance Expert. He said he was here to find the perfect insurance product for my business.

He was indeed an expert and explained complicated insurance jargon in an easy to understand way and reassured me that the cover would fit my hybrid business perfectly!

The insurance policy was actually more expensive. Not by much, but it offered a ton more value. It was GDPR compliant (not something that truly excites me but I needed none the less) and I knew would cover and protect me for all eventualities, therefore giving me total peace of mind. It meant that little niggle of worry, had magically disappeared.


  • When you get expert help, explained in a way that you understand, that perfectly fits the person it was meant for, and if you are reassured that what you are getting fits your wants and needs, not only do you feel like you have gotten an incredible service, you are also happy to pay more.


  • Becoming the expert/specialist and micro-niching is KEY to earning a high-end income and keeping your clients happy.
Charge with integrity
Jan 22

How Much ‘Should’ You Charge?

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Pricing

Today I'm not just talking about charging your worth, I'm talking about...

How much should you charge...with integrity!

You may want to charge top dollar for your services because

  1. you want a bigger income and
  2. you believe your results are worth it...


One of the biggest blockades to you feeling able, and having the integrity to charge and be paid high-ticket prices, is your willingness to invest the amount of money you are charging in your OWN development and coaching.

If you're hoping someone is going to pay you top dollar, when you are unwilling to pay top dollar UP FRONT for your own personal development, then you have a serious issue with integrity!

You have a serious issue with the ability to believe in your success...

And thus a flaw in the ability to believe in your clients.

Your BELIEF in both the power of your 'coaching', personal development and the client’s ability to transform and leap to success with your guidance, is essential for your client to achieve successful results!

big Investments mean big results!

Stepping up into a new league happens before the first session of coaching even starts. It happens the moment you invest a large sum of money. It's a reflection of how serious of an intention you are making.

So How do you get serious dream clients?

The answer is...CHARGE MORE!


If you're not willing to take yourself seriously... don't expect anyone else too.

What you charge must be in line with what YOU are willing to invest in yourself!