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Apr 08

Create a Profit Plan for Market Domination

By Jennifer Hall | Monetisation , Positioning

Build a Market Leading Business (Right Now)

How to build a business that is profitable

When building a profitable market leading business you need to ensure that first off it has huge profit potential by creating a profit plan. Otherwise, you’re going to be struggling against the tide and working really hard for very little money. 

First question to ask yourself to begin your profit plan is- 

1. What are you actually selling, and is it desired?

Desirability is important to your business because if it’s not desired, you’re going to have a hard time dominating your market for market leadership.

A question that I have been asked a lot over the years related to this is - 

Can you create consumer demand for a product/service?

The answer is - yes you can, however there still has to be an underlying need.

By this I mean - it needs to make sense to people as to why they would buy it.

Businesses that are preaching from their ivory towers on what their market ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ be doing only persists to turn people off. 

To ensure your marketing and sales messages actually grab attention and elicit buying action, focus on looking at how your service / product actually solves a current problem or desire that they are experiencing right now.

To do this you have to get clear on a specific individual. The more specific you can get, the easier it’s going to be to identify the problems & priorities your ideal client is experiencing right now.

Think about the fears & worries that they have, this will help you to see how your service will help alleviate them. If you’re more of an aspirational seller (someone who focuses on helping people achieve goals from a place of positivity), then you can think about what goals this individual is seeking to achieve and how your service plays a part in achieving that.

Ultimately you want to have one clear problem and one clear goal that your service can help this particular individual with. Depending on whether you are an aspirational seller or problem focused seller you would lean more heavily on the appropriate one. Do not forget that you need to talk about both for it to make logical and emotional sense to your market.

Step away from ‘telling’ them what they should do and move towards ‘showing’ your market how it can help them. 

If you’re struggling to find an existing problem that feels compelling enough for your ideal client to buy into your service then another route is to talk about the imminent problem they will experience if they don’t take action. This isn’t as powerful as talking about existing issues that they are already experiencing but in certain cases where your entire market is less aware at the moment - some education may be required. Gauge the awareness of your target market and for less aware groups make sure you educate them on the painful problem that is waiting just around the corner if they don’t take action. 

Or perhaps you have something that will actually make life so much easier. Henry Ford famously said ‘If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse’. If you have something that is going to improve the way we do things then education on this is essential, especially when it’s brand new. But understand that whilst Henry Ford innovated something radical he was still helping to solve the need to travel place to place in a faster time; there was still a problem and goal that his market were experiencing. 

Aspirational sellers use this same strategy when their target market isn’t necessarily experiencing a bleeding neck issue but need awareness around the dangers of solving the issues without using your service. 

I would still suggest talking about the impact of inaction and not buying into your service as well as the impact when they do - this will help them to step into making a positive buying decision by seeing all the cards laid out on the table.

Solution focused businesses tailored around existing problems and goals will always be in demand. Your job is to then show them the hidden problem that is the root cause of their existing problem (or the hidden saboteur that is waiting to ambush/delay their goals) and how your service can help alleviate that. 

The problem that businesses have when serving a market with a well known problem/goal is that many other businesses are also serving that market and so standing out as a market leader can become more difficult. Stay tuned in the coming episodes where I show you how you can stand out of the saturation and dominate your market.

2. Scaling for Success

The next thing to focus on when creating a profit plan is scaling. This is a typical buzz phrase of many entrepreneurs - ‘and how are you planning on scaling that?’. Whilst this phrase is now used as an ‘in’ joke mainly by business coaches it is a deadly serious question that is necessary to think about. We need to look at how our business will grow financially and find ways to remove the glass ceiling on the earning potential. If you want to become a market leader - it’s worth bearing in mind how you will cope serving a large proportion of your target market.

Scaling can happen in one of two ways - 

  1. Sell more of the same product or

  2. Charge more per product

When it comes to service based businesses scaling is slightly harder than a physical product based business, as there are usually time constraints and capacity issues at play.

However when it comes to scaling there are many ways to peel an orange - 

  1. Productise your service into a ‘self consumable’ digital product. This can be done B2C or B2B by creating a product and licensing it out.

  2. One to Many delivery enabling more people to consume at once.

  3. Creating a systemised solution that can then be taught and delivered by other trained experts under your umbrella.

  4. In some cases like in our travel company we have partnered with trusted suppliers to outsource a portion of the service.

  5. Creating a membership or subscription model which can combine points one - three potentially using a community. This is only suited to certain businesses and is not something I recommend for all businesses.

  6. Create high end value propositions and charge more per product. This is perfect for those who want to bring high transformation for clients with big problems or big goals. You will still experience a ceiling on profit (even though large) due to time and capacity so it’s advisable to think about other income streams as well.

  7. Use a combination of the above, adding a new arm to your business as your business grows.

By having a view of the ways in which you can scale you can navigate the scaling of your business and choose ways to grow that suit both the business type, target market and your preferred delivery style.

3. Priced for ROI

The third thing you need to be thinking about in your profit plan is your pricing. Are you pricing your products fairly?

By this I mean value for both the service AND the consumer.

You need to make sure that the product is appropriately priced so that the consumer feels like they have extraordinary value (a good return on investment) and that you feel like you’re being paid well for your services.

I’m all for high-ticket pricing but in order for that to work you need to focus on solving big problems and/or big goals and offering serious value for money. For some businesses big goals may mean more high-end luxury, but not always; for others it means offering a high-end experience, exclusivity and high transformational results. 

For some businesses a low ticket offering is more appropriate because the product genuinely doesn’t warrant a high ticket - in this case you need to look at generating a large audience to sell more of your product.

I always advise businesses at the earlier stages or those that need money fast to sell high-ticket. The reason being is that you can keep your business financially afloat with large cash injections whilst you grow your audience and then shift (if you wanted) to offering a lower ticket offer requiring less of your input. Sometimes high-ticket isn’t always possible depending on your expertise but it’s certainly worth considering.

I’ll be talking more about pricing over the coming weeks on how not to compete on price, but for now the message I want to leave you with is - to ensure you’re not giving away your best for less than it’s worth; you need to make a profit.  And that your clients always leave with a great return on investment for them; knowing what that looks like will help you sell your services with ease resulting in more revenue.

When pricing your services ensure you take into account this formula -

RESULT = Transformational result they will get from receiving the service

ROI = The return on investment and positive wider impact of achieving that result.

ENERGY EXPENDED = Support level provided

YOUR LEVEL OF EXPERTISE = Take into account your personal value/collective expertise of the company in what you bring to the table.

Ensuring you have these three key areas covered will ensure you create a great plan for profitability. 

Listen to the related podcast episode by clicking here.

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How to become a market leader in seven steps
Mar 06

How to Become a Market Leader (and stay there)

By Jennifer Hall | Positioning

Seven steps to building a market leading business

(and how to stay there)

When you make a decision to become a market leader and that you're going to own a market leading business... it's rather like making the decision to go to the moon.

It's a decision that not everyone is brave enough to make. It's also a decision that once made, gets under your skin, makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and you set about immediately doing what needs to be done to build your rocket.

Size means nothing these days when defining a market leader, some of the most profitable companies have tiny teams running the show meanwhile lapping up the majority of market share. With technology making it far easier to do business we can achieve market leader status considerably quicker and with much less (wo)manpower. However...

Will you make it as market leading business?

A lot of businesses will never achieve market leader status because they just don't have the true desire to build a business for the long haul - hobby and lifestyle businesses that are built around being able to choose your hours need go no further down this rabbit hole.

Most businesses who have the dream to become market leading will still never reach market leader status because they fail to pioneer new solutions for their market and fail to strive for excellence in every area of their business.

And the sad news is - most businesses that don't decide to become a market leader, gradually fade into the background, they scale down and move onto the next thing that takes their fancy, always side stepping but never attempting the bold act of market domination.

Becoming a market leader isn't something you need to be convinced of, it's either an in built goal or it's not. If you're reading this and the market leading mountain looks less like hard work and more like an Everest to be conquered then you'll be part of the exclusive 1%. 

Although as the infamous Edmund Hillary puts it - 'It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.'

How to become a Market Leader -The Market Leading Business & Brand Scorecard

If you've made the decision, it's time to decide with action. Below I have outlined a scorecard for you to rank yourself and create an action plan to move forward. In order to achieve market leader status and stay there you should be striving for excellence in each of these areas.

  • Rank yourself 1-10 (10 being strongest) on how you're performing in each of the seven market leading areas? 
  • Write down one thing (that you are not currently doing) in each of these areas that you can work on to build to a Market Leading Business...

1. Disruptive & Talked About:

Disruption of your market is key to gaining their attention and getting your business talked about. Be careful however, make sure to disrupt with thought - market leaders don't get caught up in petty squabble. Draw attention for the right reasons with challenging & meaningful perspectives/fresh ideas.

  • What do you need to do to make waves in your industry? 

Exemplar market leading brands that do this well - Richard Branson/Virgin, Facebook, Tik Tok

Score Your Business -
Set Your Intention/Action Point -

2. Known for something specific (that's wanted by the market):

Relevancy is crucial in both making money & dominating a market. You'll find it hard pushed to find an entirely blue ocean these days but the more specific you can get on your ideal client (micro-niche) the better you can define your solutions and niche.

  • How niche are you? 
  • What are you / could you be known for that's unlike anything else out there and super specific?

Exemplar market leading brands that do this well - Rab, Smart Water, Google

Score Your Business -
Set Your Intention/Action Point -

3. Innovative, Unique & Pioneering:

Market Leaders have to continually lead with pioneering ideas and products; creating new solutions for their market. Ensuring that your pioneering ideas are solving the genuine needs of the market vs what you think might be quirky or fancy, is crucial to creating meaningful USP's.

It's no longer enough for your USP to be your personality, your longevity or how good you are at something - the market is far too saturated, sophisticated and bored for these golden oldies to be wheeled out. Every one of your competitors could say the same thing and do. It's important in this day and age to create a concrete USP that is one of a kind.

  • What are you doing/can you do that's groundbreaking for your market and industry?
  • What is your concrete USP?

Exemplar market leading brands that do this well - Spotify, Dyson, GoPro, Tesla/Elon Musk

Score Your Business -
Set Your Intention/Action Point -

If you'd like to learn more about creating a market leading, groundbreaking USP that your market can't get anywhere else, then make sure you download my free Market Leader Guide by clicking here!

4. Futureproof & Forward Thinking:

Staying ahead of the game is actually about scanning the horizon, taking stock of what's happening now and predicting the impact; and then looking at how you can harness a positive opportunity for your market & your business. 

Looking to the future can cause many business owners anxiety, but if you are to navigate the ever changing landscape it's imperative. In a lot of cases, a negative outlook like a recession is a great opportunity to take the lead as a market leader by adjusting your sails. Creating better solutions, providing peace of mind and hope during unsettling times positions you as a company who cares about their customers and as a leader to guide them through the uncertainty.

New developments in your industry can provide new opportunities for innovation and leadership. Early adoption of new discoveries is a great way to really hone in your niche and cash in on helping your market navigate these opportunities. 

It's also about predicting the growth of your business and how you are going to adapt to that growth in terms of business model, systemisation and processes. A business without concrete / signature products and systems is not futureproof and relies on YOU to constantly hold the organisation together.

  • How can you stay ahead of the curve in your industry?  
  • What can you do to ensure your business can run without you?

Exemplar market leading brands that do this well - Amazon, McDonalds, Netflix

Score Your Business -
Set Your Intention/Action Point -

5. Outstanding Customer Service & Results:

Market Leaders are customer centric in how they operate. With the growing use of technology it's imperative that market leaders use the blend of technology, personalisation and the human touch to ensure their clients/customers have the best experience.

That's not forgetting that giving your clients outstanding results consistently goes a long way to gaining the loyalty of your current client base AND market.  

  • What are you able to do to go the extra mile to wow your prospects and clients?
  • What are you able to do in order to achieve consistent results with your clients?
  • How can you improve your customer experience?

Exemplar market leading brands that do this well - Apple, EverTrek, DPD

Score Your Business -
Set Your Intention/Action Point -

6. Credible & Respected:

Gaining the trust and respect of your market and industry is key to staying at the top as a market leader. Being able to showcase your fantastic results, expertise and leadership in your field is imperative to your recognition as a go-to business in your niche. 

Writing a book on your specific niche, speaking, collaborating with key persons of influence and creating case studies/white papers are just some of the ways in which you can position yourself/business.

  • What can you do to continue to solidify your credibility?

Exemplar market leading brands that do this well - John Lewis, Tesla, Neals Yard

Score Your Business -
Set Your Intention/Action Point -

7. Strong Leadership, Sense of Worth & Boundaries:

The best companies aren't always the most convenient and they're certainly not for everyone. They have clear boundaries on who their products are for and who they want and do not want buying from them. They have strong values, a passion for what they bring to the table and a clear as day vision that filters down throughout the organisation. 

  • How are you embodying the qualities and values of a strong leader?
  • What boundaries do have in place to ensure you deliver the best service to your clients and run a sustainable business that you and your employees enjoy running?
  • Does your business have and own incredible expertise &/or elements that isn't available anywhere else?

Exemplar market leading brands that do this well - Steve Jobs/Apple, Microsoft, Amazon

Score Your Business -
Set Your Intention/Action Point -

Ready to rise to market leader level?

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Download my FREE Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Market Leader

In this guide I reveal - 

  • How to overcome a common mistake many business owners make that creates a barrier to dominating a market, so that you can make the change to reach immediate 'in demand' status.
  • Three crucial but overlooked market leading elements that will see you stand out of the noise and making waves in your industry.
  • The transparent and raw case studies of three business owners who were standing in the way of achieving market leading status and how they overcame the hurdles.
Apr 01

Niching Done Right vs Niching Gone Wrong Plus the missing piece to your niche

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Client Attraction , Client Conversion , Positioning

Niching right down & getting seriously specific on who and how your products benefit certain individuals continues to be a pivotal factor in the incredible success both myself and my clients have in converting their own clients with absolute ease. It's the first step to business success and will never cease to be.

When you talk to everyone, you talk to no one.

Most (not all), but most business owners know this but not that many truly embrace it. The fear of cutting out potential buyers is real!

The thing is, you DO NOT have to turn people away if you want to and can help them. But in order to attract potential buyers who are happy to pay your price point, they need to know how it's going to benefit them specifically, that it was designed with them in mind and that you're an expert in helping people just like them. The trust, impact and connection you build when you get specific is second to none.

However, there are those that embrace niching because they know it is essential to being heard in their noisy market...

But here is when it can go horribly wrong...

1. A lot of people get confused and think that carving out a niche is about being specific on WHAT they do. Whilst what you do definitely comes into it and really helps you become KNOWN in the market for something specific. But by using the 'what' as the driving thought process behind niching you end up creating products/packages that don't sell because they're created without taking into account a specific person.

2. A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake in thinking that niching is about being different and that by niching it helps you to stand out. So they recreate themselves as something so super special but so ambiguous people fail to understand who it is they help and in layman's terms what it is they actually do and how it's of benefit.

True Niching = getting really specific on an individual who has specific problems or desires.

Niching doesn't help you to stand out as such, it helps your messaging connect with people, it builds trust and draws attention for all the right reasons. 

When you come from it at the angle of helping a particular individual you create products that are ideal for that person that are centred around their specific desires, problems and needs. You create stuff that sells. It sells because you're providing solutions. 

This is '3rd Layer Clarity' - this is the kind of clarity you need to have in order to convert prospects with ease. 

The market is saturated, it doesn't matter how much you specialise in helping a particular person with something really specific there will always be people doing something similar if not the same as you. Being different to your competitors is about finding a NEW WAY, creating a 'Unique Magic Bullet', a solution that makes total sense to your ideal prospects that they hadn't thought of before. It's the epiphany moment that you deliver that gives them renewed hope that they can finally achieve what they wanted. Asides from your wonderful personality, this is what provides the irrefutable and compelling evidence that YOU are the only person they want to help them.

Yes you can create demand for a product but it still has to be connected to a genuine core desire in a REAL LIFE individual.

Create new solutions to real problems for genuine people and you're onto something successful.

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Successful Business
Oct 17

What Makes A Successful Business

By Jennifer Hall | Business Mindset , Positioning

My businesses weren't born out of necessity...

  • I didn't start one because I wanted my kids to be proud.
  • I didn't start one because there was no other option (in fact I chucked in various high paid corporate roles)
  •  I didn't start one because of ill health, or the need for flexibility.

I started my businesses through the sheer will of wanting to be successful on my own two feet.

I wanted to feel that feeling of independence, 'bullet proofness' and the empowerment of creating money/freedom/time from 'nothing'.

To me this is all a wonderful game and I'm fortunate enough to be on the winning team but once upon a time, I was on the losing team and that game turned into one that I didn't want to be a part of. In fact, on more than one occasion.

Those of you who have known me a long time will know that I have had many businesses and a lot of them I walked away from.


Because I got ridiculously frustrated running on the spot!

Business was HARD! Hard like trying to fill a well with a bucket with no bottom.

I'm not scared of hardwork, but failing has taught me is to stop listening to 'you'll get there one day just keep going'. The reality is, if you're continually running on the stop you'll NEVER get there. What will happen is that you'll run out of energy with nothing to show for it.

You've got to keep moving...

In real terms I'm talking about changing the angle.

A successful business is really quite simple. Sell people what they want! That's it! But we get so bogged down in the rest of the crap that we forget that that's what business is about.

We get caught up in forcing it to work, like trying to fit an elephant into a carrier bag.

If people don't want what you have, you don't have a business. You have a ball and chain. You have to change the product or how you 'position' the product. The angle has to change.

Setting up shop and putting your sign up isn't the end of the hard work. It's about tweaking your angle until you find the irresistible sweet spot. Sorry that phrase makes me cringe too, but it's true!

Stop trying to convince people...

Start becoming irresistible, then and only then will business start to feel like a fun game that you actually want to play!

This is why I do what I do. Helping business owners find a way forward by turning their businesses into desirable 'must haves'. Because I don't believe business has to be that HARD. Hard work yes, but not hard.

Keep moving forward because the world hasn't seen anything yet!

Plus...Brand New...

***I've recently opened the doors to my brand new programme 'Monetise Your Message' to help coaches and service based entrepreneurs find the right angle to make your business a desirable 'must have'. It focuses on ideal client clarity, finding your unique value proposition, and turning your business into a wanted offering instead of rejected and overlooked. If you'd like to find out more details then CLICK HERE

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impostor syndrome
Oct 17

Becoming an Expert whilst Battling Impostor Syndrome

By Jennifer Hall | Business Mindset , Positioning

This is important for me to share because it is something I have battled with all my life, and I know many other experts have as well...

My Journey...

I find that when we first learn a little, we actually have more confidence and passion to share it.

Until we realise that actually the topic runs a lot deeper than we originally realised. We go through a space of losing confidence because we don't know it all.

So we continue to learn and dive deeper in a quest to become a TRUE expert. Still we still don't feel like we know EVERYTHING. As we dive deeper we realise that the topic also runs as wide as it does deep. We realise actually there is no one size fits all approach. Everyone and everything is individual.

This can leave us feeling like we don't know enough to call ourselves an expert. It creates these feelings of self-doubt and 'impostor syndrome'. This leads to undercharging and undervaluing what we do. In some extreme cases, it stops us putting ourselves out there altogether.

All the while not recognising that we will NEVER know it all. But in our quest to know more, 'we have indeed become a true expert'.


  • Embrace the power in admitting we are not all knowing. It's been proven that by being honest about this with your following actually builds more trust. As, when you are certain about something, they feel in total confidence in the truth of what you have to say.
  • Embrace the unknown, the new, and the endless possibilities. Know your boundaries. Be ready to be proven wrong. But KNOW that you KNOW more than enough to change peoples lives.
  • Specialise in your expertise for a certain type of person and you will boost your own confidence. This is in the knowledge that you have a better chance of feeling certain and secure from your own experience, as well as from those certain (types) individuals that have been helped by your talents.

The truth is only the truth from a certain perspective. It's those that resonate with that truth that will be impacted the most from your talents and expertise.

Plus - brand New...

I've recently opened the doors to my brand new programme 'Monetise Your Message' to help coaches and service based entrepreneurs turn their business into an irresistible desirable offering, instead of rejected and overlooked. It focuses on ideal client clarity, finding your unique value proposition, and finding your irresistible marketing message. If you'd like to find out more details CLICK HERE

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Celebrate your greatness
Oct 10

How To Find Your Treasure Within And Celebrate Your Greatness

By Jennifer Hall | Business Mindset , Positioning

Never give up...

After my sister had experienced a life changing event, she found herself sleeping on my sofa. At the time she was feeling pretty low. She had low self-esteem and low self-confidence. This was largely to do with her previous relationship, and felt like she was starting life all over again .

But still, she was determined to stand on her own two feet again. Every day she’d wake up and hit the laptop to search for jobs. In the beginning, she was scouring for coffee shop roles, cleaning, and retail assistant roles . Now don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone who works in either role, but you see, the reason she was searching for those roles was because she felt like that was all she was capable of doing. She wasn’t willing to look at anything over minimum wage because she didn’t think that anyone would be willing to pay her any more than that .

Don't Give Up on Your Greatness...

Each day she’d find a job description, open up her CV, and as any great CV should be, she started to tailor it to each job that she applied for. This meant she had to rewrite quite a bit of it (all true stuff). She had to come up with examples for each of the things the job description was asking for.

CV number one was complete, and she felt accomplished, and off she sent it . CV two complete, and she started to build momentum. No responses back thus far, but she was taking action, and she was starting to feel those feelings of hope that life was about to get better .

Your Treasure Exists Within...

What she and I started to notice though, was that after each application, she started to gain more and more self-belief and self-worth. This was because she was continually being asked to demonstrate how amazing she was, and she had to come up with the goods. She was forced to look at all the treasure that she’d been denying existed.

After application ten, she started to realise that she could do so much more than she first anticipated, and actually turned down a job offer at a coffee shop , as well as another role. This was with the utter belief that she had more to give, which was worth way more than any of those jobs were offering.

She started to apply for higher paying roles which demanded more skill. After over 30 job applications, a few interviews. After digging up her treasure on a daily basis, and blowing her own trumpet , she landed a job at a reputable organisation on more money than she ever thought possible. She would be doing things that she’d always thought she couldn’t do, or was too scared to attempt .

All because she celebrated her greatness!

Celebrate Your Greatness...

Make time to celebrate your wins and blow your own trumpet.


  • Pick someone you admire that you aspire to be 'like'.
  • Now write out their 'job' description including responsibilities and person specification.
  • Now apply for it by creating your CV to demonstrate why you're the best person for the job!
You'll soon see that you have way more GOLD than you give yourself credit for!


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same does not sell
Oct 10

Same Does Not Sell – Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Positioning

In The Beginning...

It’s June 2016 and I’ve just finished plastering Facebook with what feels like a million posts. I’ve posted in every Facebook group going, joined 10 more, and watched as each post joined the other million posts just like it.

Still, that’s the way it’s done, right? It’s clear that’s the way it’s done because everyone is doing it, so it must work. ‘Perseverance is what’s needed’, I thought to myself.

My goal was clear in my sights. I was ready to become the go-to expert. However, I knew it would take time, and I was willing to do what ever it took. Great attitude, right? That’s grit right there. But it’s one thing to follow a strategy and another to follow the crowd.

Lessons Learned...

'The biggest lesson I learned in 2016 was that ‘same’ does not sell'

I also learned that not every strategy is a ‘proven to work strategy’. The strategy that was being used at that time was impersonal, samey, slimy and arrogant as hell. I mean who wants to listen to someone spout shite on Facebook? Visibility isn’t going to work if you’re being visible with a ton of crap. You run the risk of becoming known for being the one to avoid, or worse, you won’t be noticed at all.

Most importantly it became clear that herding in the same direction as the other coaches coming off the conveyor belt, just wasn’t going to cut it.


I realised that to stand out of the intense saturation online, I had to be different. Likewise, I had to be unique and catch the attention of my ideal clients for the right reasons.

It also became apparent that millions of followers didn’t always mean you were able to monetize them. There are plenty of 'stars’ out there with large followings that don’t manage to monetize their audience.

Hence, it became clear that I was playing in the wrong field, with the wrong team, and the wrong fans.


Therefore, ‘Focusing in’ to go big, would be my new strategy. Quality over quantity. Specificity instead of everything. Somewhere instead of everywhere. Small and powerful instead of large and lost. Unique over generic.

The exact strategy I used to package myself up as the unique, go-to expert I am today, can be found in my Best Selling book 'Expert Unrivalled' (available on Amazon) Click here to order your copy now.

I no longer look over my shoulder in concern for what others are doing. Only to keep my eyes out for points of difference to reaffirm my unique standpoint, and for collaboration opportunities.


Finally, visibility is still an important part of my success. In fact, it’s how I’m scaling my success. Showing up as the unique, highly valuable expert, is what allows you to make the biggest impact, and an epic income. Visibility is only the megaphone used to scale your profile. Consequently, a vague, fluffy, boring, samey profile will not get any better with more eyes on you.

'It’s time to sharpen up, focus in, and uncover your unique excellence, to become an unrivalled expert'

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Uplevel to a Leader
Jun 20

How to Uplevel and Become a Leader

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Business Mindset , Positioning

Uplevel to Leadership

'Be YOU!' - As much as I want to love this advice, unfortunately when the 'you' that you are right now isn't the 'you' you want to be, we know it's time for an uplevel.

If the 'you' right now is

  • too afraid to step up
  • too afraid to step out
  • too afraid to impact
  • too afraid to upset others with your opinions
  • too afraid to step into your greatness
  • too afraid to step into your truth unapologetically...

Then it's time to take the 'you' you are right now and uplevel to leadership.

Be the 'You' that you're striving to become!
Find out who you want to be! 

Powerful Questions to Uplevel to Leadership

  • What do you need to believe about yourself and the world to be the 'you' you want to be?
  • What BS do you tell yourself that no longer tolerate?
  • What boundaries are you going to entrust in your power?

Then step into it... it's a choice, choose to be who you WANT to be.

Release what no longer serves you and embrace your courage and strengths.

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Make your coaching packages truly desirable
Jun 20

How to Make Your Coaching Packages Truly Desired

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Positioning

How to give your coaching packages the best chance of selling success...

In this highly popular training I show you how you can make your coaching packages sell like hot cakes by making them truly wanted and desired by the market.

It's a juicy one so get ready with a pen and pad to take lots of notes!

You could create the perfect package if you follow the ‘rules’ in this post… BUT it won’t sell unless… 

Creating Perfect Packages that Sell Out can be attributed to one thing!


  • Why is buying your product so important?
  • Why is it a priority for your IC?
  • What is it the impact of them NOT buying it?
  • What do they desperately want that this product will help them achieve?
  • What pain are they struggling with that they’d gladly pay to solve to achieve their goal?

Essentially… what is their ultimate goal and why is it so important to them?

If you can answer that and create a package that achieves it and solves a pain point that’s standing in their way of the goal, you have a sell-out program.

What sells it, however, is YOU!

You have to own your greatness and shout about it with confidence!

You have to show your audience that this product is worth its weight in gold and build trust by adding incredible value (for free) first!

You have to be the one that takes responsibility for its success and yells about it until you’re blue in the face because you KNOW that for the right people, this product will change their lives.

So yes, create something that they truly want, BUT more importantly, OWN IT!

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convert ideal clients using your unique power
Jun 20

How to Use Your Unique Power to Convert Clients with Ease

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Positioning

Use your unique power and the power of micro-niching to skyrocket your client conversion and convert clients with ease...

In this training, I take you through the 5 steps to use your unique power in combination with a micro-niche to convert clients with ease. And not just any clients... your IDEAL clients. The ones that truly want to work with you and you love to work with.

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If you'd like to discuss how you can turn your purpose into profit through finding clarity on your coaching niche and on who you serve so you can monetise your unique skills then just book a call with Jen Hall here

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Gain full access to all my video training and informative articles on client attraction & conversion, business mindset miracles and business alignment specially designed for Coaches, Consultants & Experts so you can become the most desired option in your niche.

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